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Thread: Why is there no Disney World Section called "Diaperland"?

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    Default Why is there no Disney World Section called "Diaperland"?

    How can we convince Disney that this section should be added to Disney World?

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    why would there be is a better question? i don't see that drawing in customers.

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    Alllrrighht sir..."welcome to diaperland"... certainly would go well with their marketing dep.

    Anyhow - if this was a serious question: ask yourself why would they offer something like that?
    I'm not into Disney stuff at all...especially not into all the singing and some of their "values" in the movies/animated films... thus I have not been at a disney-world in like 25 years... my parents took me once when I was a kid still - it was fun, but nothing I was really into, even back then... So I fail to see the general appeal...
    but as far as I know it's a disney-style/themed amusement-park with some rides and stuff...
    so again, why would they add "Diaperland" - and who would they want to attract with this? Certainly all the "normal" (I don't like that description, but alas, by the norm neither AB/DL/TB/etc is "normal" - not that I consider it anything wrong though - but it's not "standard") folks who go their with their kids...
    Imagine "Mom" telling her 11yr. old son "Jake" : "Hey Jake, how about we go to diaper-land... and you can try out being diapered and play in that play-pen over there..."

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    Diaperland might be a bit too narrowly focused. Perhaps "Childhoodland?" Or maybe they could just do this as a store or a restaurant in the park. Basically, all the tables, chairs--the whole place!--would be oversized so as to force adults to climb into their chairs, stand on stools to reach the sinks in the bathroom, etc. And, of course, there would be only a "kids' menu." The food would be served on enormous plates to make it look like kid portions. I could see that working, actually.

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    Diaperland.... thanks for the morning laugh.... I need it before I go out to work...

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    Cool as it might be, I don't think its a good idea for many reasons, but thats just me.

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    Throws arms behind him, face aghast, paralyzed with fear and amazement



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    Quote Originally Posted by BigC300 View Post
    How can we convince Disney that this section should be added to Disney World?
    ...we can't?

    I mean, I can't think of a single reason why it would make sense for Disney to include such section.

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    Because there is obviously no way they'd ever want to do that...

    How about instead there be a new theme market created called FetLand or Kink World, or something?
    Diaper Land, Rubber Room, Sock World, Dungeon of Love, Cage Cavern, Whip and Chains World, Trans Fantasy Land... you know, the fun stuff?

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