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Thread: Accurate Statistic Of Ab/dls

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    Default Accurate Statistic Of Ab/dls

    what would people say on how many numbers in the world of ab/dls are there ???

    including growing in recent years. (in younger people and online presence) or online numbers/ presence of AB/DL's in the UK now and in the last several years

    thank you for your help :-)

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    If you asked me I would simply said "I have no idea"

    Why? The problem is we don't have any reference on it. Sure you can use website data but the margin of error on that is too high and also you say "world" there are a lot of them I believe.

    I think the only possible way is you take a number of ADISC member in one particular country(I think US should be enough). And you count the ratio with number of US citizen and then you compare the ratio to world citizen(or at least one country)

    I'm sorry I can't do much help. It just my opinion really.

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    Here's a slightly more interesting google trends link, comparing ABDL to BDSM in the US only (foreign language results seemed to be skewing things, although UK stats are about the same):

    Google Trends

    Based on google trends it appears that BDSM is about 15 times more popular than ABDL. I think this is measuring awareness of the terms, not actual interest, and I'm not surprised that more people know what BDSM is than ABDL. This might give us a lower bound on the number of people interested in ABDL, but I'm not sure - BDSM seems to encompass a wider variety of interests than ABDL, so it might not be a perfect comparison.

    A few interesting observations about google trends:

    1) ABDL appears to be very popular in Montana and Rhode Island if you filter by state.
    2) Los Angeles and Boston also have lots of interest in ABDL if you filter by metro area.

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