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    Hi guys I am doing a babyfur / diaperfur survey / study thing, The survey covers a few simple questions to get general information about who the normal babyfur is (age wise and fursona wise) and a question about why you are a babyfur, please fill it out sometime, I will post my findings on both my website and this forum so you all will get it, Th survey is it will not collect any personal data so it should be ok, if you are uncomfortable with any question please put n/a then skip it or just skip it, Thanks - White Wolf

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    Pretty neat. I'll be interested to see the results in the end!

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    Indeed, this is quite interesting. The results will be fantastic to see.

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    I can't wait to see the results, I've just submitted my questionaire.

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    Thanks guys! Please share this with other babyfurs / diaperfurs if you know them ~ The more ppl do it the faster it will be done!

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    1. I never noticed I got a rep point on this so thanks to whomever you are :3
    2. Status is that I am at about 56 out of the 100 I wanted so please send the survey to your friends and ya!
    Thanks guys
    White Wolf

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    I'll be sure to fill this out shortly

    Good job making it.

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