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Thread: Buying with paypal instant transfer, question real fast

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    Default Buying with paypal instant transfer, question real fast

    I'll be using paypal to pay and it pulls from my bank account. Will my bank statement just say paypal instant transfer or will it include part of the company name in the statement as well? About to order from bambino and just wanted to check on that part.

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    It'll show up like that.

    Note: I slightly changes numbers/letters above for security.

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    On my bank statement, my last paypal payment to them showed as"PAYPAL INST XFER ##### ###########" (where ### = the transaction number) with no mention of where the money was transferred to.

    Paypal's history, however, shows a payment to "Bottom Half Group LLC"

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    Yea, I know PayPal will show it. Just wanted to make sure it didn't on my bank statement. Just couldn't remember if it did or not. Thanks.

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