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Thread: Six Tabs

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    Default Six Tabs

    I've seen photos of diapers with six tabs instead of four, but I can't find them. Can anyone let me know please


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    Attends waistband Style. In fact that's what I'm wearing right now and wet. Also Depends Max Protection has 6 tabs.

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    Iv'e been wearing Attends waistband Style since last spring and the fit is good for me. I used to use them for overnight but now use for daytime. My waist is a lot

    larger than my hips which I find works well for me as I walk a lot everyday. I also wear a cover of some kind wether it be -panties or plastic pants.

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    If woudl didnt' find any 6 tape diapers you didn't look too hard bud.

    Anyways yah the depends max protection and attends waistband style have 6 tapes. They fit amazingly, but the absorbtion sucks.

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    Six tabs sound crazy! Are diapers with six tabs a hassle to put on?

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    no! Six tab diapers go on like any others. They add a little to keeping the diaper in place. I have not seen any around here for some time, must see if I can get some.

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    yeah, actually kinda wish some of the higher end brands had em

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