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Thread: My dilemma.

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    Default My dilemma.

    Lately I've been a lot more depressed and upset, and it's mostly because of leaks.

    I've been trying pretty much every brand I can afford since I started needing to wear protection, and while anything is better than the CVS brand pullups I started with, I'm having a hard time deciding which diaper to stick with.

    My favorite brand thus far is definitely the Abena M4, but they're a little big on me (28" waist, 34" hips) and it's hard to get a really comfortable fit. Also, because they're able to hold quite a bit, I was generally trying to stretch them to only wearing 2-3 diapers per day. I always changed right before bed, and then wore that one until about an hour or two after I woke up in the morning, wearing some lighter protection during the middle of the day, and then changing into another M4 in the early evening, which I would wear until it was time for bed. Unfortunately this seemed to cause a pretty bad case of diaper rash, so when I restocked I decided to buy S4's instead - for what I thought might be a better fit, and because M4's were my first experience with wearing plastic backed diapers for several weeks in a row, I thought that cloth-backed diapers would make diaper rash less of an issue.

    Well, the diaper rash has cleared up for the most part, but here's the dilemma. The last 3 nights in a row, I've woken up in a soaked mess. The tapes on the S4s like to fail while I'm thrashing around in my sleep, and end up leaking everywhere. Or worse, I fill them to the point of bursting and then manage to wet even more. Also, while the S4 is much much easier to conceal under a skirt, and more comfortable and less noisy to wear under pants, I'm worried that I'm going to leak while I'm out in public - which has happened a few times thus far, and is an absolutely mortifying experience.

    So, should I try the cloth-backed M4's? Are the tapes any better at all? Also, does anyone have any suggestions of brands I might try that will give me the absorbency of an M4, but perhaps a bit better fit? Or, does anyone have any tips for achieving a better fit with the M4's? I've managed to get them to fit perfectly a few times, but more often than not they've felt loose (even though they held in leaks flawlessly)

    Sorry for the wall of text, but I couldn't fall asleep after waking up in tonight's puddle and I'm just a bit upset at the moment


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    1. Nighttime cloth diapers with plastic pants are expensive, but reuseable and much less susceptible to leaks.

    2. Duct tape can fix any tape problems. I noticed at Target the other day that they have a multitude of patterns and colors, even Hello Kitty.

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    Try terry lined plastic pants for leaks and you might be getting the tapes coming of when you turn at night.

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    Iwould try plastic pants over whatever your using. That should contain the leaking as well as protect the tapes from coming off whenever you toss and turn.

    I wear them everynight and don't have those problems.

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    I tend to use 3 at least 3 diapers a day (average 3.5). usually a Dry 24/7 medium during the day, an Abena M4 in the evening, and a 24/7 large at night (bigger pad surface, catches better, I'm a side sleeper)

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    I second the suggestion of wearing plastic pants over the diaper. I've not had any leaks since I started doing that, though there have been occasions when the inside of the pants was wet, so it's definitely saved my sheets more than once. The pants will also help with the problem of tapes coming unstuck too.

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    Well until you find the right diapers that work for you. Cut back on liquids before going to bed mybe 2 hours before bedtime. My be a bed pad and plastic pants at night until you find the right type of diapers for your self.

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    Thanks for all the replies everyone!

    I've been looking into plastic pants, I'm just doing initial research atm though. I'm actually a bit worried it might make me a bit to warm to sleep - since I already sleep with the windows open and a fan on me because I get so hot at night.

    Duct tape was an excellent idea, and the best part is that we already had some Hello Kitty duct tape

    I've tried to cut down on liquids before bed, but so far it hasn't done a ton of good. At least I'm falling asleep while my diaper is still dry more often now.

    I think the next time I restock I'll get a mix of smalls and mediums so I have a choice depending on the situation. Regardless of how they fit, the M4s DO keep me exceptionally dry, I just wish it wasn't SO obvious I'm wearing them. I think I'll try the cloth-backed ones, and just use duct tape if the tapes are janky :P

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    I always wear plastic pants to avoid leaks they seem to help

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    I find that wearing plastic pants doesn't make me any hotter than I am just wearing a plastic-backed diaper. My partner says they make him sweat when he's cuddling me at night.

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