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Thread: Which situation is more embarrassing?

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    Default Which situation is more embarrassing?

    Which is less embarrassing and one that you much rather prefer.

    1.) Peeing your pants by accident during class on the one day you decide to sit in the front of the classroom. Your teacher having to stop the class, sending you to the nurses office with all of your friends and classmates that you'd eventually know through the rest of your school years as well, snickering as you leave. Then, once returning to class, the bulk and crinkle being quite obvious as you walk to your seat and sit down.

    2.) Or having your first, young crush over at while staying over your Grandma's house, only for her to see a diaper commercial while the two of you are watching tv. Hitting a spot of nostalgia and missing taking care her young one, she then prances off upstairs and fishes her closet for an old package of Pampers. She then returns to the living room, standing there with the package until you both notice and see her there smiling with the package in front of her. She then says "(To whomever the boy or girl's name is) "I'm sorry honey, but I'm going to need you to leave, (Your name) will be able to come out and play tomorrow" her face still with an excited smile across it.

    I can't tell which I find to be more or less embarrassing, which situation would you prefer?

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    The first one is the most embarrassing and sounds the most believable. The second one is a little on the convoluted side.

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    I'm confused as to the reasoning behind these scenarios. Are they fantasies you want to experience or you like embarrassment or?

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    The first one because it actually, almost perfectly, mimics what happened to me in fifth grade. The only thing was that I did not have to wear I diaper back to the class room and was sitting in the back of the room;however, between my inability to move due to fear and not knowing what to do, everyone got a good look at me. Worst part is the girl I had a crush on was sitting two seats down. Oh how I hate that day.

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    Who has their girlfriend over at their grandma's house?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Braves26 View Post
    Who has their girlfriend over at their grandma's house?
    Nit picking

    Didn't you know? Its all the rage!

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    Haha its not your girlfriend, it's your first ever crush.

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    Default Re: Which situation is more embarrassing?

    That is a hard one to decide , if I had to pick it would be the first one . Because it's infront of a group of people.

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    Haha looking back I think the second one is sort of cute

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    The first one is embarrasing and couldn't ever happen under U.S Law. The second one is perverted and I really hope that isnt just your mind wandering...

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