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Thread: Just a reminder DST ends this weekend

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    Default Just a reminder DST ends this weekend

    A public announcement for those in the US. Daylight Savings Time ends Sunday November 4th. So set your clocks back on Saturday night and don't forget to change the batteries in your smoke detectors.

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    (I'm slowly getting video links relating to everything.)

    Anyways I hate DST and haven't heard or remembered anything as to why it should still exists. The sun already sets here at like 6 PM now so why make it 5 PM?

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    I hate DST too. Having to reset all the clocks and to remember that there is 1 hour difference in the time. Wish DST never started.

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    Here it ended a week earlier.

    I didn't remember it, but luckily most of the devices I rely on for checking the time (computers, mobile phone) switch automatically, so no need to worry about it

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    It was last weekend in the UK.
    We were supposed to get an extra hour of sleep, instead we had to get up early to catch a coach, and totally unsure what time it was as some things were giving one time, others were a hour off and didn't know which was correct.

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    Goody get my hour of sleep back I lost last spring.

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