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    I don't know if this topic was already discussed or not but what are your guys take on the whole North Korean situation? This could include the famine in the 1990s, the cult of personality or the overall society that is North Korea. I've been interested in the DPRK since probably I was in Middle School and I saw a documentary on North Korea. And since then I have seen many documentaries made by dissidents, defectors of the DPRK and also to see their point of view propaganda films by the North Korean government. I can't stress it enough I'm not for their ideology and I'm not pushing a agenda. I'm just a person that is interested in the history of North Korea and what the future made hold for this isolated Stalinist state. It's very interesting and the more you learn about the place and also learn from the people (I haven't met anyone from North Korea) you really see the world in a different way. I am moved by the tragic stories of the Korean people having to not only endure a dictatorship that crushes dissent but also a government that uses the most extreme form of worship of the state. Not even Saddam or Gaddafi had this much of a cult of personality on the scale of North Korea.

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    I find Korea in general interesting in relation to the cold war. They really got screwed from three sides, and the whole thing was a mess.

    When you look at the time, everyone was worried that a proxy war between Russia and the US would escalate into a nuclear armageddon, and that it was now impossible to fight a conventional war (as neither side would likely surrender before using their nuclear capability). I'm a believer in the theory that russia abstained from the security council vote as they wanted to test this theory, and Korea was a convenient place to have a war (neither side really wanted Korea). So from my view, Korea ended up ravaged (the civil war going on there was almost over and had been relatively minor) for the sole purpose of testing whether the US and Russia could go through a proxy war without destroying each other.

    And then you have China. Sitting there as the lines are pushed up to it's borders. Good chance the US led forces would just keep right on doing into China when they were through with Korea.. so if they were going to have a war with the US anyway, may as well fight it out on someone elses territory.. so they jump in and push the line right back to the middle.

    Again, these are all theories...

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    Well to a certain yes it could be an ideal place for a war, but North Korea is mostly a mountainous country with several hills and mountains. The Korean People's Army has also built several tunnels and caves. The North has 12,000 artillery pieces that could level Seoul in a matter of hours!! And that's just using conventional artillery use biological or chemical laced shells you gonna have a huge crisis in South Korea.

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    Here's a 2001 award winning documentary that shows British or what sounds like British journalists "touring" North Korea. It's a very interesting film. Feel free to check it out.

    Or type in this: Welcome to North Korea by Peter Tetteroo and Raymond Feddema / Documentary Educational Video

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    Default North Korea

    I bet if they would open the border, people in North Korea would travel to South Korea in search of food and new cars!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigC300 View Post
    I bet if they would open the border, people in North Korea would travel to South Korea in search of food and new cars!
    New cars, what the hell are you talking about? New cars implies they had one in the first place. HOOOO!

    (Yeah likely more then 50 north Koreans died today from various reasons all coming from "their" government. All because they are unlucky enough to be born in likely the worst country in the world.)

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    Yeah and plus reunification of Korea in it's current state would be chaotic because China, South Korea and Japan would be swamped with boat loads of North Korean refugees from the North. Sadly in my opinion we won't see a unified Korea for a long time. Maybe not in our life time the way things are going.

    But one can hope
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    North Korea is an awful place to be? Not the citizens' fault, just well...Communism and dictatorship go hand in hand with pain and suffering.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LilPrincessJessica View Post
    North Korea is an awful place to be? Not the citizens' fault, just well...Communism and dictatorship go hand in hand with pain and suffering.
    Yes definitely but I don't see them as true communists, since 1972 the North Korean Constitution replaced Marxism-Leninism entirely in favor of Juche.

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    Yeah. I'm not too much into politics or government systems, considering I'm in middle school. :/ But hey, know some stuff.

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    It's good to know some stuff. And North Korea how the society of the DPRK operates me interests me deeply because I know deep down those North Koreans don't buy all this cult of personality of Kim il Sung. They know it's just a bunch of fantasy tales that exaggerated Kim il Sung's role in the Korean Liberation Movement. That being said he did do a lot of activities against the Japanese yeah that's good for him, more power to you Kim. But a lot of his stories about how he liberated Korea from the Japanese is just a bunch of nonsense.

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