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Thread: Hey All You Caretakers...(Littles, too.)

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    Default Hey All You Caretakers...(Littles, too.)

    Hey all you caretakers (and Littles, too)!

    I need some advice. One of my friends is interested in being my caretaker, and we have plans of trying it out this weekend. However, neither of us have experience with this in “real life” (outside of the online world.) They identify as a Little, but they’re interested in trying out the caretaking thing. Their Little side is something they’ve recently discovered, so they really have very little experience with the entire *B world.

    So, I have three questions.
    1.) What do you suggest I call my friend? They identify as neither male nor female, hence my use of “they” pronouns. They would prefer to not be called “Mommy” or “Daddy”, so we need a good non-gendered name.

    2.) What are some tips you have for people new to caretaking? (i.e. what to do, what not to do)

    3.) What kind of activities do you suggest we do?

    Neither of us has known each other all that long (only a couple months) and it’s fairly recent that we’ve become all that close. So this relationship is going to be lacking in one major thing—anything that involves either of us having a lack of clothing.

    Thank you!

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    1. mispronounce their name in a cute way. Example: Katie or Kaytlin could become Kay Kay.
    2. no getting mad. also don't do anything you are not comfortable with.
    3. Watch a movie and snuggle. Art project. hide and go seek.

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    My tips would be for you and your.
    Your caretaker should take charge and make sure each of you know where you stand.

    You could ask them if you should call them mommy or daddy or as the above said which is a very good idea call them there name in a baby tone, sorta like this person's your babysitter.

    I suggest fun kid places, Maybe the zoo, A museum, Out to eat ice cream, Movies, maybe go to toys r us in my opinion for the best fun things go to the park 8-) get a ball play catch, fly a kite, go to the petstore with your caretaker and check out all the cute little animals that could be fun.

    Remember, Make sure you BOTH know where each of you stand in your rp and you both are comfortable.

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