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Thread: Team fortress 2!

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    Default Team fortress 2!

    Who plays?
    What class is your favourite?
    Game mode?
    Load outs and more!

    Post trades and such here too

    If you got crates clogging up your inventory send me a message cause I'm collecting them ^^ I'll take them off your hands

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    I play.
    Really fun game when I have the time to play it.

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    Default Team fortress 2!

    I usually play scout, pyro, engy or spy
    Attack and defend mostly ^^

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    I play engie, pyro or medic, heavy.

    CTF 2fort, but really any game mode is fine. I just like 24/7 insta spawn 2forts to mess around.

    loadouts... too many to count.

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    I play scout or heavy when I have the time, but sometimes i'll be a spy if they have too many teleporters/turrets that need to be destroyed.

    Any and all, but mostly King of the Hill

    I only use whatever I find/earn from achievements, don't have the cash to buy stuff.

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    I play every now and then. When I play I'm usually Pyro, Scout, or Soldier. I play all the game modes but mostly do 2fort, and CTF. I don't spend real money to buy in game weapons or hats, because I don't have the money for it.

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    I play all of the classes. Good at them? Not really. My best are probably soldier, demo, and medic. I use mostly the stock weapons though the strange versions of them. I prefer attack/defend over most other map types.

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    Who Plays? Me of course
    Favorite Class? Pyro, Set things ablaze, reflect rockets, grenades,arrows and piss in a jar? Whats not cool and fun about that
    Game Mode? Anything really, Control Points, CTF, Payload etc etc
    Loadout? Pyro= Silver Botkiller Flamethrower (Server Clearing), Stock Shotgun(got to get a strange) and Strange Lollichop Pretty much Stock all around with the melee and primary being strange variants. Hat/Misc wise its a Flamboyant Flamenco, Last Breath and Pyrotechnic Tote

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    Been messing around with mouse sensitivty lately. Trying to improve my aim. Wondering what everyone else uses? Mine use to be really high but it almost seems better a bit lower. I just feel at such a disadvantage if I can't turn around fast enough to deal with a spy or maybe a backburner pyro.

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    Default Team fortress 2!

    I just got an amazing deal trading.
    Someone who was looking really hat for a strange scattergun (1.11) just traded me a surgeons stahlhelm (2.66) a haunted coffin kit (2.66) and another Hat for (1.66)
    So impressed XD

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