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Thread: help me pick please

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    Default help me pick please

    so i got my sample packs of

    2 Super briefs
    2 X-Plus briefs
    for the Abi-forms...

    2 Briefs with Waistband
    2 Extended Wear Briefs
    for Attends...

    WONDERING witch should i wear first!!! i need to pick the diaper ill wear for now on and possibly if i go 24/7

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    Start with the thinnest, and work your way up, and try to remember how much each held, and how much you drank, that way you will know which one works better for you needs.

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    Which one did you pick, super or x-plus? Either way, you won't be disappointed.

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    thanks people i am exicted!!! i mean i didnt like the depends @ all and so far i must say the molicares are comfy and hold very well

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    You sound very happy and excited, what are you waiting for !

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