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    I have urge urinary incontinence that is so variable in it's character that I've never heard anyone desecribe anything quite like it, so I thought I'd post the stranger details here and get some feed back to see if this is unique or more common than I think.

    First off, I can go for long periods durring which I'm essencially continent, sometimes even months with no problem at all, or perhaps even up to nightly bedwetting without so much as a twinge of daytime urgency and no daytime wetting. However, I can also have days, weeks, months on end during which the urgency is severe and frequent enough that I couldn't possibly get by without protection. So the first question is I guess, Does anyone else have repeated transient urge inco?

    The second oddity based on what I've read from others is that the timing and severity of the urgency can be very different, so that at times the urge may be bad enough to cause some leaking but not a full blown accident, but others it's like my bladder is in a vice. Does anyone else have a lot of variability with the frequency and strength of their urgency?

    Finally the most worrisome of all, occasionally my bladder seems to 'cramp' for lack of a better word. It's painful, spasmic and so distracting/distressing that essencially for however long it lasts (a few minutes to several hours once) it's pretty much all I can think about, and of course, I'm basically tottally inco for the duration of the 'cramp'. So, anyone else out there with a similer experience?

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    I'm similar to you but I've subconsciously gotten in to a routine so I don't end up wetting in public as I#m still in school and have no way getting hold of diapers (my mum thinks I just need to go on meds and I'm completely anti-med!) I'll have a drink before school and go toilet then I won't drink or need to go for the entire school day, then at home where I can easily get to the toilet I'll drink as much as I want/need to.

    Sometimes I just leak a little bit and other times I leak A LOT, and even moving (shifting about slightly in a chair, moving a leg, standing up) makes me leak, and then you get the times where I just seem to let it all out at once, very embarrassing if it happens at school btw.

    As for the cramps, that might be a bladder infection or something, I really think you should go to the doctors about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HumanBeing View Post
    As for the cramps, that might be a bladder infection or something, I really think you should go to the doctors about it.
    Going by what Dylan said it seems to be going on long term, nothing new. So if its the same as me the bladder spasms aren't a sign of infection, Although in the past 6-8 weeks they have become more painful and frequent for me.

    I had made an appointment for yesterday to get checked out again after going about a week after it started to get worse.(Last time I went and asked they didn't do any tests, and sent me away not really too worried about it, not very helpful...) Don't know why I was stupid enough to miss it, really wishing I gone now, plus I could have made a little more helpful response for you.
    HumanBeing - I'm the same as you. I hate any sort of drugs/medication and will do everything I can to get out of taking them. Although when I was a little younger I was bribed into giving (I think detrusitol) medication a try with a crate of milkybars. And it really did help me. I could manage up to about 8 hours of sleep and be dry, strangely if I went over that I would be wet. During the day I didn't have any floods from full bladder emptying, and only very small leaks which were un-noticeable to anyone else as they were so small and only got as far as a little wet patch on my underpants. I would definitely suggest giving it a try if you have no access to diapers right now as it could be a great help to you, even if its not the solution you are looking for.

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    I have a simular issue as u I tend to be completely continent for months at a time then out of the blue having wetting accidents to the point I wear pull up type 24/7 now as my G.P has recommended but dont know what causes it

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    I can relate to the bladder cramps & spasms.

    Your doctor may well prescribe Oxybutynin as it can work wonders with reducing such spasms AND help a great deal with urge incontinence.

    There are lots of bladder medications, most of which are Oxybutynin based. It comes with side-effects for some people and these effects can be quite unpleasant.

    It would be well worth speaking to the doctor about this as it could solve your problems. It takes several weeks to build up in your system so give it time.

    Best wishes

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    Not allowed to take that as that is an antidepressant and i a bipolar :-(

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    I can relate to HumanBeing in this matter. during school I had to make sure I didn't drink much of anything at all if I intended to stay dry. In my case though the incontinence usually peaked far in exceeding chance when I was stressed.Tests were brutal, and often even after I got a better work on my routine I would deliberately show up padded for the test. not that anyone would honestly notice at my old highschool.

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