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    Default Need a new diaper

    Is I have been wearing wearing depends as I have grown out of goodnites. I recently bought the depends real fit, and my girlfriend liked the way they looked. The problem is the leg holes stretch on me and they leak.

    I am pretty small, around 130 pounds, 30" waist and very skinny legs. I need something that isn't to obvious or bulky, but that will fit me well.

    I have decided I am probably have to order online, what would be the best diaper for me?

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    abena makes a variety of good products maybe try a sample pack from xp medical.
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    I second Abena, but if that's too pricey, you can get the Attends with Waistband for a good price and they stand up pretty well, not as good as the more "premium" diapers, but definitely better than Depends or any of the store brands. I can generally wear them for between 4 and 5 hour intervals without fear of leaks.

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    We're about the same size. . .one trick with pullups of any kind it to wear tight fitting underear over them to stop them gapping (fixing pants from Abena are excellent for this). As for diapers, if you're looking for tape on briefs there are a lot of really good ones out there, just stay away from smalls. . . they are always temping but in my experience even though they fit in the waist the rise is all wrong, they dont absorb enough, and aren't very comfortable, better to get the mediums and just tape them a little more snugly. Another tip, angle the lower tapes upwards when you fasten them. . this will tighten the leg area (and make sure the tapes dont bite your leg). As for pull ups that work for 'our size' Other than the abena ones i've never found one that I was really happy with. Please tell if you do! But really with any of them (because being a bit too large is the biggest problem) some kind of snug fitting underwear or compression shorts or better, the pants i mentioned are a must.

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    Thanks everyone! I went ahead and ordered an Abena sample pack from XP Medical, they arrived last night. I did get the smalls, as I was afraid the medium would be just to big and bulky. Dylan was right though, they were too small to fit my waist comfortably. At this point I am debating either staying with the real fits and finding something to wear over them, trying the M4s, or looking for another pull-up all together. The problem is I don't want a pull-up that is "grandma" looking, and has the ruffly looking top.

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    mabey try the clothbacked version M4 or M3.

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    also try the medium dry24/7s. they are crazy absorbent.

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    Are the cloth backed ones smaller? That is what I had in the Small.

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    May i ask what's your exact waist size? Im very skinny for my age and i have (i think) a 29" waist.

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    I wear a 31, but its starting to get a little tight so maybe 32.

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