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Thread: Okays, might put this outa the way a bit.

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    Default Okays, might put this outa the way a bit.

    Okay, so I've been doing some soul searching, trying to figure this all out, decide what I'm for/against etc, asking lots of questions, and ultimately trying to figure out why, if its good/bad/whatever.

    I named a site, and asked for some comments on it, and the thread was deleted


    I wont rename the site, however its a UK one, and seems to be hosting some ab/dl related stories, some/many of which used to be hosted on a different site, which shall most definately not be named, which some of us may have been exposed to when we first decided to ask the internet if it had any idea why we as non-infants were, or felt the need to wear diapers/fool around with baby paraphinalia.

    Was kinda interested in peoples views on this, since I'm starting to form the opinion, that its not cool for people to leave what many would consider and label as "perverted fantasies about underaged kids, involving diapers" laying around on the internet, often in places where they might be found by underage kids/young adults. Especially seeing how it seems that they were indeed found by many of us when we were younger, and continue to be found right now. Personally I'd like to see such stuff taken permanently offline.

    Now I was considering the effect of this, on various groups of people, and running it by a very understanding/supportive non ab/dl friend of mine, who I wound up telling after they mentioned an experiment they once did with a towel, felt unsure, and didn't do it again. Without having internet access to look up such things, and reached the following possible theory, which is that obviously we all experiment when we're younger, and nowadays its possible to ask the internet before we do somthing.

    I'm just trying to work out if its really that good an idea for such stuff to be out there, or ultimately even for this place to exist as openly as it does, providing support, and perhaps even at a stretch encouragement of experiments, which have the potential to develop into a life long paraphilia, which due to its taboo nature, and associated stress/anxiety, which has been experienced by many, if not all of us at some point, might quantify as a mental disorder, which is usually somthing one would wish to avoid.

    Just some musings really, and I'm still trying to work out my own position, having looked at all this from the inside for quite some time. But I'm starting to wonder if perhaps it might be cool to take some of it down, in the hope of protecting a few as yet anonymous kids of the future, who might get curious, from becoming drawn into some kind of fantasy normalization of somthing that is actually pretty out there strange, and ultimately suffering from some of the negative/guilt related aspects of the ab/dl lifestyle, along with all the upset and trauma of possible negative reactions from friends/loved ones.

    There's also the guilt that lots of us feel, which I think might be a natural reaction of our conciousness trying to help us not repeat something that might not have been such a good idea in the first place.

    *hates to be cynical*

    What does everyone else think?

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    I not sure what your on about in the content but if you take it down from one source people will host it somewhere else sadly this will happen what we need to do is educate our children and make them understand, the internet is open to EVERYONE and that means EVERYONE if we cut one thing out that gives the rights to cut anyting out included useful things, its already starting to happen.

    The internet is like real life, it has some really nice things but some really ugly things also.

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    Yea, I agree there, they'll keep creating it, and putting it back up.

    Educating kids is also a top priority I think, along with tracing the individuals who are hosting/putting this stuff up, making public examples of them, in the hope that they wont dare do it again, and also discouraging others from doing the same.

    Also, consideration as to the motivations of various sites/owners, especially those making financial profit out of us. Since I think it might be that some people have a vested interest in recruiting more individuals into the ab/dl lifestyle.

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    I think having this information out there is a good thing - especially on high quality and legitimate sites like ADISC. While there are certainly sketchy sites out there, my criticism of them is for their sketchiness (and I think I know the site you're talking about), not the fact that there is AB/DL content.

    I was definitely interested in diapers before I got access to the internet, which happened when I was about 10 (prodigy, then aol). I remember trying on an old diaper of mine that I found when I was 4, and continued to be interested in elementary school. It was a continued interest, so I don't think it was just a phase. And I didn't have anyone encouraging my interest in them - in fact, I probably wanted to stop even then.

    It would be interesting to know when most people knew they liked diapers. My hunch is that it's fairly early, before there's much chance for any online encouragement. It would also be very interesting to know how many people were interested in diapers or tried them once when they were little, and didn't pursue it any further, although I have no idea how to collect data on that since those folks don't create accounts on ADISC.

    In any event, I think that by the time kids are old enough to be able to look this stuff up (8-10 maybe?) their patterns are already set. By the time they can join this site (13+) and participate, I don't think any encouragement will change their feelings. In fact, if that were possible, I think it would work the other way - there's plenty of peer pressure to fit in as a preteen/teenager, and liking diapers is definitely *not* fitting in.

    I'd be curious to know how old your friend was when they tried the experiment with a towel, why they experimented (if you talked about that), and how it came up. That's the first time I've heard of something like that, although I'm sure it doesn't come up very often.

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    The friend was about 16/17 at the time I believe.

    I think there's most lightly a ton of threads/discussions about when/how we decided we wanted to give diapers/baby garb another shot around the place, and its pretty varied from what I can work out.

    Apparently I was grabbing diapers whenever I could when my sibling was little, and kept using them, got told off alot, and seemingly stopped until some years later I randomly decided to stuff my underwear with tissue and relieve myself into it, enjoyed, decided that diapers were clearly designed for such activity, and was over the moon when I found grownup ones. However all the infantile garb and the linking of it all with sex was definately after some encouragement from the internet, around the time that I was 14/15.

    *was very innocent and naive back then*

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    I don't think a web site, or any outside influence can cause a child, teen or adult to suddenly want diapers. I first had the desire when I was 4, though that may be beside the point. I believe we have these desires to to psychological reasons. I still wonder if it has something to do with potty training, and learned interest in diapers, elimination, associations with being an infant and not wanting to leave it.

    Believing that AD/DL sites could suddenly "turn" someone into a diaper lover would be tantamount to believing a gay porn site could make a straight person gay.

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    I wasn't referring to absolutes, and it is just a musing, as to how stuff we find on the internet might influence the way we develop, abeit in a positive/negative way.

    And of course the point regarding rather seedy stuff left laying around on the internet, which is associated with us, and what we might do about it.

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    Well to be honest I don't really understand what is the problem(probably because of my bad English). But I try my best.

    Well about "misleading" website. The problem is this is Internet full of all kinds of people on it. And I know you want to do the best for educating children especially in this matter. But Internet is not the factor of turning someone into ABDL since I believe it's already planted in our minds. Internet in my opinion is just a means for people like us to meet,understanding,knowing not something that can turn people all of a sudden into ABDL.

    Back to the original question. It's hard really to "clean" Internet from "Misleading" website. So far in my opinion ADISC is the best in terms of kid/teen supporting. But remembers there are many adults and in fact people like them contributing much into ABDL universe. And you can't just force every ABDL forums to be like ADISC and also I hear in US you have first amendment which guarantee freedom of speech. But I agree today many confused kid/teen could get into some confusion especially it's easier get "lost" in this huge world.

    From my opinion this should be parents job. If only parents can understand that what we are doing is harmless and in many ways not damaging ourselves. Isn't it parents job to monitor their kids?. Kids don't have to go to Internet and possibly could lead into wrong side of it. If the parents could(I was gonna say supportive but at least could explain)explain to their children. They probably wouldn't have any confusions or guilty feelings about it.

    But I'm not going to be naive. My opinion is impossible to do in real life and maybe never happen in our world.

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    Aye, well I guess its no more a problem than the concept of kids being diapered in the first place, which obviously causes this specific quirk.

    I'm starting to come round to the idea that the problem, is my personal problem, namely an internal conflict inside of my own head, in that obviously I've been enjoying the ab/dl lifestyle and all its trappings, then quite literally got out of my mind, had a good old think about it and reached the conclusion that I'm morally and philosophically against the idea of diapers, feeling that the idea of having the most vulnerable in our society, namely those who cant make their own choices or form opinions spend alot of time wallowing in their own effluent. The enviromental issues associated with disposables, especially with the knowledge of other cultures that didn't go down that path, and found other solutions to the problem of incontinence.

    Bit of a purge thing, as somebody put it to me, complicated by the fact that I'm an adult and trying to keep some kind of life going.

    Ordinarily I guess one would go seek phsycological help, but I've been hurt and upset by that profession over the years, and shun such people and their services on my own lunatic principles, so I guess instead I'm somewhat leaning on this place for a bit of support, and using it as a sounding board of sorts, which depresses me a bit since I'm fiercely independent in most aspects of my existence.

    Still its all a learning curve, and I've become enlightened as to the outright selfishness of those I thought were true friends I could go to for a bit of support and understanding, hence walking away from alot and landing here for a bit.

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    I have to say a website with any info is not going to push you to do anything, you the reader have to agree or disagree, the problem with people is that many people want a reason to winge or mone but at the same time they want to be lead they want to be told what they should and shouldn't do so they can point a finger when it goes all wrong.

    Never take a website as to heart, only take from what a website what you want, if a topic upsets you then do what many do these days, blog your view on it, it helps get things of your mind and you will be shocked how many people might agree with you.

    Hugs, if you like PM me if you like to talk more detail in whats upsetting you I am very open minded and a good listener.


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