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    Anyone else like NASCAR? Who is your favorite driver? What is your favorite track? And who is you least favorite driver? I like dale jr. I love Daytona and Bristol. And I hate Kyle bush.

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    I'm a minor fan... more a fan of the motorsport than the people who race in it. I have very little choice but choose Dale Jr if only because he's Dale Earnhardt's son and he endorses iRacing, which is the cream of the racing sim crop.

    All of my favourite drivers have either long since been killed or retired - Dale Sr, Rusty Wallace, Richard Petty and all of the last members of the Alabama Gang it seems.

    As for tracks, I'm not sure... i've been influenced by my own enjoyment of the simulated superspeedways like Daytona and Talladega and the high speeds they encourage, but the restrictor plate racing that's dominant in this moving parking lot style kills and maims just as much as unrestricted speed seemed to. I've grown fond of the smaller venues like Bristol in simulated NASCAR events at least,even though I sometimes question how appropriate they are for such overpowered beasts.

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    I suppose Marcos Ambrose (even though he constantly disappoints) because he's the closest to an new Zealand driver in NASCAR. My favorite track is Daytona. Not that it was asked, I'm really excited to see the Holden commodore replacing the impala.

    Also any fans should join this group.

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    Well I don't want to spark a debate around here but as a motorsports fan I couldn't understand NASCAR. I mean they basically just drive car in oval track. I mean it's not like ALMS or WRC. But yeah those cars they use is very fast. And it is quite dangerous(I saw some of the crash footage. And most of them involved a lot of cars).

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    Oval racing has some ancient appeal in the organized chaos that is the human psyche... sure we love to swerve and zoom and wipe out in wicked hairpin turns from time to time, but most forms of spectator-centric racing, be it human, animal or motorsport tends to take the shape of an oval track. There are 2 paved racing tracks within 50 km of this little city, and they're both ovals... Dirt ovals dominate the semi pro racing scene across the continent in countless classes of motorsport, and of course, there's NASCAR Sprint Cup which actually has two road courses that I'm aware of - Watkin's Glen and Sears Point (or Infineon or Sonoma or whatever they're calling it now).

    Don't get me wrong, I admire Formula One, Le Mans, Rally and all sorts of other motorsports, I was just raised around the dirty little ovals and grew up to enjoy them all the more.

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    I grewup around the oval tracks. Always enjoyed stock car racing. Could care less about drag racing although had a strip close to where I lived. I've always been

    a big Ford owner so am partial to any driver in a Ford. I can't stand whiners like Jeff Gordan, Kyle Bush. I also like most of the drivers from the midwest. I'm

    ready for this weekend at TMS only 70 miles from where I live. I like most of the tracks although there are some tracks that can have somewhat boring races.

    I probably like the shorter tracks the best.

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    Default Nascar.

    Used to be a Rusty Wallace fan until his retirement. Bounced around a bit and have now settled back with the #2 car and Brad Keselowski.

    My favorite track used to be Bristol. Wasn't fond of the repave job, but the latest changes are an improvement. Really enjoying Richmond lately.

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    I'm a fan of racing in any form. Running, cycling, swimming, motorsports, horses, whatever. Ovals, offroad, road course, each has its charms and nuance. If I had to pick a favorite as a spectator, it would be the old TransAm series. Hardware, appearance and sound were similar to NASCAR (tube frames, mostly big V-8's), except the races were all on road courses.

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