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Thread: Collars: Sexual or Emotional?

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    Default Collars: Sexual or Emotional?

    I've been doing some looking around the site for interestingly new content and I didn't find anything that fit my definition of 'new and interesting' per se. But, seeing as I haven't posted anything or interacted with ADISC at all in a hellishly long time, I've actually developed a good question, I believe.

    Now, we've all seen the 'emotional vs. sexual' question being raised, but it's seemingly always an umbrella for diapers -- or, at most, it's broken down into smaller regions e.g. furry, *B, DL. But I'm going a little more in depth and reaching out to the fur/babyfurs: How about collars?

    Are collars sexual or emotional for you? Why?

    For me, I suppose it's both. Sexual because, I mean, hell.. Something tight around the neck, the whole dom/sub thing, etc -- very common fetish. But it's also emotional because I enjoy the feeling of being submissive - and not just sexually. Someone's pet, so to speak. Like, during pet play or something, if someone puts a collar around my neck, I'd be compelled to act submissive toward them, very much like they're my owner. But the same goes for outside of pet play. It could be someone I look up to, a close friend, a girlfriend, a boyfriend, whatever. It's a weird, sort of symbolic thing. Sexual anything aside, if I let you put a collar around my neck you own me and I serve you until you choose to take it off.

    I'm just wondering how the rest of you feel about this subject. Opinions? Thoughts? Experiences?

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    Default Collars: Sexual or Emotional?

    Both, I suppose. It depends on my mood.

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    I'm in the 'both' category as well.

    They are emotional for me in that when I wear mine and hear the little jingle from my tag I get a little wave if happiness. It's a means to get closer to what I feel as my 'true self,' an alaskan malamute. A collar could also be a symbol of having a master, somebody that cares, leads, and controls.

    That said, it's also sexual for me. I like Dom/sub, pet play and bondage, a collar could be a big part in all of those fetishes.

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    I could see it as being both. But really for some it's just an accessory and is neither emotional nor sexual. Think it is important to add that in. Not everything needs a reason.

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    I'm with WingDog here. For me, I can see it as being both, but it doesn't really turn me on in any particular way. I do, however, think that collars can be pretty cool on some people. I wouldn't mind having one to wear around

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    I miss feeling free to wear a collar around. Before I had started back to grad school, after I'd stopped caring at all about my previous job, I used to wear a collar pretty regularly just because. I enjoy the mix of feelings wearing one creates. On one hand, there's the attention-attracting aspects, which can be kinda fun. There is also a sort of reassuring nature about it that is simultaneously relaxing and exciting. Wearing one puts me in a different headspace as though it were some sort of magic, even if I'm just doing mundane tasks while wearing it.

    And of course, there are the sexual and bondage aspects, as well. The idea of being restrained, "owned," controlled... Yes, I enjoy those aspects, as well.

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    Well I don't know I mean I see it as emotional things. You know as in I give my life to whoever who collared me is owner of me. For me collar is a symbol of ownership. And I wish someday I will wear collar.

    And as in sexual I don't really get it. I mean I'm not getting exited if I wear collar or sees one. But yeah like Cygnus said. it probably have some connection with BDSM and pet okay(Oh yeah LOVES those things)

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    Just fun to wear if you ask me never had any one in sexual mind put one on me......kinda emotional like reality is still there

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    For me its more emotional. Both my mate and I wear collars around each other and together in public. I guess its an emotional bond in a way to another you care about for me. He's Sub. I'm Dom, but in a different light than one would expect. More of a protection thing for me.

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    Collars for us are largely just jewelry. It's a thing to wear that is decorative, ornamental, and is representative of our furry leanings.

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