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Thread: Putting Foods in your diaper.

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    Question Putting Foods in your diaper.

    Have you ever put anything in your diaper to simulate anything like messing?
    I have tried banana's but it is a little cleanup required. I've heard about pudding, jello and even raw eggs. What have you guys put in your diaper to simulate messing. And did it feel good or anything?

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    I've heard about bananas and oatmeal but I've never felt inclined to try them. Oatmeal is meant to be good for the skin though. I wonder if it would help with nappy rash.

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    years ago, I once put 3 eggs down the back of my diaper and sat down. I heard and felt a slight muffled pop and then felt the cool squishy slimy yolk. Surprisingly the egg shell didn't poke me at all. I never did it again after that, and that's been years ago.

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    Default Putting Foods in your diaper.

    Yep. I have done this with peanut butter and bananas. I might halft to try eggs sometime.

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    Bananas were a mistake, IMO they are a bigger pain to clean up than actually messing because they stick a lot worse and don't come off as easily when you use wipes.

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    How is the oatmeal??

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    I read in a humiliating/hazing story that peanut butter was put into the diaper as a punishment. That's all I've heard!

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    I wouldn't be all that surprised if that happened in some frat house; people who live there think they have an excuse to be stupid...

    Bananas are OK, if you want them soft, you have to mash them before putting them in your diaper. Simply sitting down isn't going to mash them for you. I like oatmeal the best, but one problem is that all the extra moisture WILL absorb into the diaper, making it hard to work with; so make it slightly watery. I've also tried pudding before, and is in my opinion the best simulation for diarrhea you can get.

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    I never thought about putting food in diapers. I recently became interesting in messing so this would be a good way to experiment to see if I like it or not.

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