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Thread: Shopping adventure. Awesome!

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    Default Shopping adventure. Awesome!

    Last night I experienced how fun shopping can be. Lately I have been exploring my CD side. The problem is that I have nothing to wear. Shopping online is ok. Lots to chose from but taking a chance on fitting. Dealing with shipping, etc.

    Last night I decided to take advantage of the Halloween season and go shopping. My plan was to go to a Ross store. When I pulled into the parking lot I saw a women's discount clothing store that looked promising. After entering I really liked what I saw. All sorts of girlie things many looked large enough to fit. I began to browse and build up courage to buy. I was the only customer as it was after eight at night. There were two sales ladies furiously cleaning up. I picked out a few things and made my way to the lingerie section when they announced that they were closing. I panicked. I really wanted to buy the things I picked out and now it seemed I was out of luck. Then something amazing happened. I placed some of the items in the counter and continued looking. One of the ladies began ringing up my stuff. A wave of courage swept over me and I began asking questions about sizing. I told them I was going as a woman for halloween so I held up a pretty dress and asked if they thought it would fit me. I asked to try it on but they didn't have a dressing room. When I held up the dress for an opinion she said that I was skinny and should get the smaller size. God bless her! I asked about mini skirts. None in my size but she thought the hot pants might be fun. When it came to choosing the right size for a bra and panty set the second girl actually helped me try the bra on over my clothes. There was some giggling but what a rush! After deciding on the right skirt. The girls helped me pick a nice top and my ensemble was complete. I ended up with a cute skirt outfit, hot pants with fishnet thigh highs, an adorable bra and panty set, some awesome panties, a nice teddy and pantie set and a cute pair of velvety short shorts to wear while sleeping. The best part is that nothing cost more than $9. The panties were $.99 most everything else was less than $5. Great haul. Great fun. Fabulous deal.

    Now this sounds fun but what I did next was crazy. After putting my new items in my car. I decided to go into Ross anyway. I became fearless. I picked out some more panties and a bra. I found two dresses that were questionable as to fit. So I went to the dressing rooms and tried them on. Only one fit, bummer. The bra fit great! At this point my heart was beating out of my chest. I was on my way to the cashier when my eye caught this fabulous coat. I tried it on right in the clothing aisle. It fit so I bought that too.

    Now I had a ball, but it did seem like a bit of a cheat. None of it was for Halloween. I guess you have to get the courage however you can. Trust me, when you do, you will relish it!

    Moral: just go for it!

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    Congrats! Now you can enjoy what you got. Next time might be a whole lot easier.

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    Congratulations, I'm not sure I would ever be brave enough to do anything like that.

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    I hit some thrift stores today, and of all things i found diapers, and some pretty girly things, then i went to the drugstore, and there was a ton of cosmetics on clearance sale, It was awesome, except i couldn t find the big packs of baby dry,or goodnites.
    Even the shoes i bought that I knew were a size to small FIT,what a day.

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    My experience is that most stores are interested in only one thing, the color of your money and there are some stores that know what great customers we are.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SallS View Post
    My experience is that most stores are interested in only one thing, the color of your money and there are some stores that know what great customers we are.
    I long time ago I worked in a service industry, we had a female "couple", who were repeat customers, i used the quotes because we never pinned down the nature of their relationship, one day they had some work done, and after they left, my boss asked me, "Are they lesbians?" , I said " dunno, did they pay in lesbian money?, What's it matter"

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    I'm trying to pluck up courage to go shopping again, last time was a few years ago but very successful, went into a vaguely fetishy/goth shop to buy stuff and the girl in there was really helpful and "into it" too, shop was empty so she had me try things on and offered her opinion, a really enjoyable day, sadly that shop isnt there anymore :-)

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