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Thread: Have you ever open ADISC on public?

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    Default Have you ever open ADISC on public?

    While I'm writing this I'm at School Computers lab and I'm crazy enough to open ADISC with a risk of someone noticing(pfft good thing living in Indonesia not many people understand English).

    So did any of you ever open ADISC in public place or facility?
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    nope, just my phone when i'm out of the house and my laptop when I'm at home.

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    I openned it up at my school a couple of times. I was just lucky they really couldn't read english all that well in japa

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    I'm not sure this is such a great idea... what if the filter indexes it and classifies it as a porn site? You're up shit creek then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PullupKid View Post
    I'm not sure this is such a great idea... what if the filter indexes it and classifies it as a porn site? You're up shit creek then.
    thats why you should use web proxies like ultrasurf from a flash drive

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    Occasionally on my phone while I'm bored at work and once when I was at the airport waiting for a flight.

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    Wouldn't do it on anything but my own computer, but yes I've had it open. Even today I had it open while working in the library. Text is small enough that people won't see what words are there.

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    Just today, I forgot I had ADISC opened in firefox when my friend said he wanted to show me something. So when I went to search it, ADISC popped up for a moment... I closed it quickly, so he probably didn't see much.

    This is a friend who knows me well enough that, if he knew, would just be like "Lololol im not surpirsed -3-"
    But still. My nerves. ._."

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    I'm now at the bar wit my Acer Extensa drinking beer...

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    I would not really class adisc a problem site to open in public only some topics I wouldn't open in public so yes I would, I think I have opened it when at others houses as I take my laptop with me and I just close the lid, and for about 6 months I used chromes login cloud service what reopens all my tabs on any pc I login to but I stopped that as it seems to also cashe any spam sites also what just messed about so I stopped using it.

    But you have to think the way computers are changing there is NO way to stop it from following you soon, Windows 8 now links in to a Live account and saves its settings and usage in the cloud just like chrome OS does.

    I think the new question is how long before the internet is no longer hidden for users.

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