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    What do you sleep in in the winter and summer? In the winter is sleep with my diaper and pants on but in the summer i sleep in just a diaper and shirt

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    In the summer I'm in AC all the time. I was in diaper, plastic pants, and my footie sleeper. This winter I'll be in diaper, plastic pants, footie sleeper, and when it

    gets colder I'll probably add a onesie on the real cold nights.

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    In the summer I'm in a night shirt and a diaper if I'm wearing, and sometimes light weight sweat shorts over the diaper. If I'm really regressing, I'm in a cute stripped Donald Duck onsie.

    In the winter I wear one of my Jumpin' Jammerz footie sleepers. They are almost too hot!

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    I live in SoCal so for the summer I try to wear as little as possible. Shorts only, usually.

    In the winter I usually bundle up in full jammies and a blankie or two.

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    My room is in the basement and it gets pretty cold around here during the winter so I wear a diaper and my blankie sleeper. During the summer it gets pretty warm but the AC is on so I still get frozen out of the basement, so it is a diaper and my blankie sleeper. Spring, fall and whenever it is not cold enough for the sleeper, I wear just a diaper and t-shirt.

    If I am traveling I will wear shorts ver my diaper just in case there is a fire alarm. Tis actually happened to me and I was in bed with a wet and messy diaper so no good way to change quickly before evacuating the hotel. Fortunately it was a false alarm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zackiepooh1992 View Post
    What do you sleep in in the winter and summer? In the winter is sleep with my diaper and pants on but in the summer i sleep in just a diaper and shirt
    Don't know yet in the summer, but I've slept every night for the past 10-11 nights in my sleeper and diaper. Occasionally plastic pants but sometimes it just says "no" and doesn't want to get comfortable..

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    The best way for me to get a good nights sleep is to be padded, plastic-panted, onesied and sleepered. If it gets too warm I'll sleep in just my padding and plastic pants. I'd love to always wear my sleeper to bed but unfortunately it's not always possible (home air conditioning is rare in this country).

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    I'm always diapered and in plastic pants, and usually also wearing a t-shirt and shorts. If its very hot (rare here) I wear just the diaper. If its very cold I wear fleecy pjs.

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    In summer, I'm more likely to be found wearing as little as I could sensibly manage with (don't risk sleeping in nappies extremely often). I don't pack on extra clothing in the winter: instead, I pile on loads more bed covers. Nice and snug I occasionally sleep in nappies, and I reckon it might be even more snug in the Winter climes

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    Well, I don't sleep in diapers the way I used to. Now I just wear a pair of satin shorts. In the winter I sleep under some heavy micro fiber blankets. In the summer I sleep under light eight micro fiber blankets.

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