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Thread: Who diapers you

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    Default Who diapers you

    Who diapers you? My ex girlfriends used to diaper me at night

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    Myself, if we not willing to do it ourself's we can never hope to get others to do it lol

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    Me,myself and I. Live alone and all by myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zackiepooh1992 View Post
    Who diapers you? My ex girlfriends used to diaper me at night
    Just me. But I think I'd like the chance to have another person do it for me sometime.

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    I do, but I am curious to the thought of my girlfriend diapering me. Though she is not quite comfortable with my TB side so I keep that distant. I am hopeful that in the future she will be completely ok with it and maybe diaper me. :p

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    I only diaper myself.

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    I just like most people on this forum diaper myself! Only once have I had somebody else do it for me.

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    All by myself would be nice for a break once in awhile having a diapered butt is hard work you know! ^_^

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