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Thread: Braces-Friendly Adult Pacifier/Pacifier Analogue?

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    Default Braces-Friendly Adult Pacifier/Pacifier Analogue?

    Just putting a question out there to see if any experienced ABs have an inkling:

    My mate got braces this year and recently he's been craving his 'sucky'. We're both very aware of the setbacks/nightmare using a pacifier with braces can be so I'm curious... Is there any sort of pacifier/soother substitute to help him out while he deals with a few years of metal-mouth?

    The best thing we've come to at this point is letting him have one of those Fla-Vor-Ice style freezer pops. Gives him something to suck for a while and then the wrapper seems to serve as a decent soother after it's done.

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    Seeing as how pacifiers are for babies and braces are for teens/aduls there is unlikely to be any pacifier designed for use with braces, I'm not a dentist but I can't see using for 10 minutes a day as a significant problem but if he uses it for long periods of time on a regular basis then that is when the problems will start. So rather than braces friendly pacifiers he should either use one for very, very small amounts of time to deal with the cravings or learn to go cold turkey for the next few years.

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    Yeah. That's pretty much what I thought. Thanks so much for the input, though!

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    I have braces, and I have had them for two and half years, and I think this. At the beginning (first four months maybe), it could be very bad, but your teeth have to be bad for them to put on braces. I wouldn't use them for that time, but after that, your teeth sort of "set" i guess, so unless they were tightened in the last month, it should be fine, as long as you didn't use it for and hour or more a day. I'm no dentist/orthodontist, but that's my take on things. they should make a braces friendly pacifier though


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    I have braces and i still use my paci not all the time though no more than an hour or two a day should be fine

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    Maybe he should ask his orthodontist about a orthodontic pacifier?

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