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    Default oz diaper lover

    diaper lover in Sydney australia - a bit older than others here (maybe) but we all love the same thing :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ozdlguy View Post
    diaper lover in Sydney australia - a bit older than others here (maybe) but we all love the same thing :-)
    Welcome to the land of ADISC! We are so glad you are here. It seems your house landed on the wicked witch of the..... OH... wait.... Oz as in short for Aussie? That makes more since... forget the whole wicked witch thing. *calls off the singing munchkin guild*

    Anyway... welcome to ADISC! We do all love the same thing for the most part, and 99% of us also have a great since of humor. But the things that make us different than one another are the things that are moreinteresting in an introduction, so besides being from the land of Oz, what sets you apart from others. As far as age goes, you might be surprised. We have teens from 13 all the way up to adults in their 70's. We are a quite diverse crowd, but I would guess most are either teens or 20's. But don't let that scare you off. I can honestly say that this is the best crowd of young whipper snapers on the world wide web.

    So welcome again and I hope you enjoy yourself here.

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    Hey! I'm from NZ, so I really don't know why I'm replying to an Aussie, bu hey. Welcome to the site. Got any other interests? Ford or Holden? :P

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    Thumbs up Welcome mate!

    Quote Originally Posted by ozdlguy View Post
    diaper lover in Sydney australia - a bit older than others here (maybe) but we all love the same thing :-)
    Hey mate i would like to welcome you warmly as the first Aussie to do so on the site!D)
    And double bonus we're from the same city. I'm from somewhere Northish of the CBD. That's all i'll say in tha public forum on where i am.
    If you want to chat a bit more then just send me a PM. (Be warned tho i can take quite a while to reply as i'm rarely on the internet for social things and even rarer on AB/DL site like this.)
    Maybe we can chat about older things or something since you seem to say that your a "Matured breed." Don't mean to be offensive or anything but i'm one of these people who seemed to have been born in the wrong decade. Hell i still use a computer older than most people on this site! Unfort my 2400baud dialup modem is stuffed so i can't connect through that.
    Imaging ADISC on a C=64 OR THEN .
    hmm... MAYBE NOT.

    Anyway sorry for the walls of texts i seldom make posts here but when i make them i try to pack as much in a possible.

    I really hope you enjoy the site. It is a great place which got me through some tough times just by reading other peoples threads and posts. It got me to a GOOD, non dodgy site which i won't name here when started to dry up & go dead.

    Anyway i feel as tho i should let someone more experienced and more regular lead on with the Welcome Wagon from hear out.

    Just one little tip Ozdlguy, don't let the size of the site and MASSIVE number of new posts each day snowball you or put you off. It took me quite a while to get the hang of it. And remember, the Search function is your friend. Alot of really useful and interesting stuff has been posted up sometimes several times. Not saying at all that you shouldn't make new posts, it's just nice to have a problem/question and then have all the replies already right in front of you!

    Anyway this post i prob getting waaay too long for these young whipper snappers that you were hinting to so i'll end it here

    Have fun!

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