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Thread: MBR super-dooper horrid issue... HELP!

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    Default MBR super-dooper horrid issue... HELP!

    So, I found out that my operating system is on the GOOD hard drive, however, my MBR for it was on the BAD hard drive, how do I make this work!

    MBR not found!
    ctrl-alt-delete to reset

    thats what I get when I try to boot (on dads computer D: )

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    I assume you are using windows? I'm not sure as I've been using Linux for years now, but i think you can reinstall the windows boot loader to the MBR by booting the windows setup cd, going to the recovery console and running the fixmbr command. I'd post a link to the info on that command's usage, but I don't have enough posts yet, just google "fixmbr" if you need to find it.

    Of course, as I said I'm a tad rusty on Windows suckage and fixing it, but the above should work.

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    Boot up a Windows Restore disk, as jscinoz said. After you get to the prompt, to FIXBOOT then FIXMBR, then reboot. you may or may not have to edit your boot.ini file from msconfig to edit timouts etc afterwords.

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    Also, if you have Windows Vista, using the installation disk itself to repair the boot up process of your computer is a breeze, just follow the on screen commands.

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