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    The question I have is that can FedEx ship a package to a ups location and have ups hold it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vulpix77 View Post
    The question I have is that can FedEx ship a package to a ups location and have ups hold it?
    Just to be clear: When you say "UPS location," do you mean a UPS Store? If so, then the answer is YES. UPS Stores will receive packages from any carrier; they're just another address. However, not all UPS Stores will receive packages for people who don't have a mailbox there. Call/email and ask before ordering. I ship packages to the one nearest me all the time (via USPS, UPS, FedEx, whatever). I don't have a mailbox, so they charge me $5 per package.

    The only trouble I've had with this is when a carrier who isn't UPS arrives when the UPS Store is closed. In one case, USPS arrived on a Saturday after store hours and couldn't find a box for me (because I don't have one). There was nobody around to ask or to give my package to, so they returned it. To avoid this, you might consider timing your order so that it doesn't arrive on a weekend.

    Quote Originally Posted by oleman72
    No they won't do that.
    See above.
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    Cottontail is correct, you can have FedEx ship to a UPS store location, they used to be called Mailboxes Etc, and there are a lot of other places that are very similar. They won't ship to an actual UPS center though. It is possible to get FedEx to hold a shipment at the center but I believe you still have to have a shipping address.

    Sometimes FedEx and even UPS will ship to a USPS (postal service) office but this is generally only the case in rural locations.

    There are also FedEx Kinkos store locations and it is possible that they will also accept package deliveries here, although I have never checked.

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