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    Default what do i do

    ok so i have not worn in a while and sometimes i get nervous to that my mom will find out again so i think i might stop for a while

    what you guys think

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    well I didn't hear about your story but my view on it is that if you are truely dedicated to this then it is a part of you and no matter what you do Ill stand behind you. My suggestion is that you need to stop if your mom is against it but you might never get your point across if you don't wear them so you are at fork in the road. You dession is hard but it will always be apart of you so take your time. Let us know...

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    thanks its a hard decisions like today i wanted to wear one

    i have done this diaper lover thing before like when i was 10 and then stopped.

    How i started again was when over at a friends house and their little brother took a diaper and put it down my pants *the kid is like 5 so you know what i mean*. anyway i left it on just like that was back to it again.

    so I am 15 now and yea at that point again thats my story

    it only takes one and then you are hooked because you like the feeling.

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    I thought she already found out and made you wear all your diapers so you will get tired of them. Okay your mom will definably remember it. Just hide it from her and don't let her know about it. Read the wiki for articles on acceptance, binge purge cycle, and hiding diapers.

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