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Thread: Diapers Luxury Item?

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    Default Diapers Luxury Item?

    Check out this story about diapers in China:
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    One of my high school teachers spent a year there with their newborn teaching in rural china. By the time they returned, their one year old was potty trained because of the way that all worked. He said they could have afforded the diapers there, but it was so foreign to the people in the village he taught in.

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    Very interesting. I read something about a month ago that was saying SAP could be in short supply because of the demand issue that was starting to happen with China.

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    Thanks for posting. Kimberly-Clark as far as I know is reducing or eliminating their sale of baby diapers in Europe and focusing their attention on China and a few other areas. There is clearly a growing market for western and middle class items in China and the KC corporation is trying to take advantage of it. On this subject, I think it is really interesting that Goodnites have their own style that is completely different in Korea and is even available in North Korea. KC is really trying to get in early in the Asian markets having gotten into the European market too late where PG pampers already had the upper hand.

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    Default Diapers Luxury Item?

    Here's a better link to the original story:

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