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Thread: footies + other clothes?

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    Default footies + other clothes?

    So a few days ago I was having one of those cant fall asleep nights. I was wearing a pair of sweat pants and what I call my pajama shirt. It’s my favorite shirt to sleep in! it is a long sleeve shirt with large wide cuffs, a little frayed now, that leave about an inch of my fingers hanging out.

    I tried almost everything I could to fall asleep. Switched pillows, grabbed my pacci, put on my footie instead of wearing sweats and my pj shirt, different plushies, but nothing worked. After about an hour and a half of just lying there I started to give up on wearing my footie. I really like my footie but I like the sleeves way better on my pj shirt.

    Well half asleep I impulsively grabbed my pj shirt and put it on over my footie. It was awesome the next morning when I woke up all comfy in my footie but also in my favorite pj shirt!

    Anyways, another sleepless night so I thought I would share and ask..

    Does anyone else wear another piece of clothing over there footies to bed? Or have you?

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    Hmm I haven't done that before. I'm usually a pretty good sleeper but on those nights where I toss and turn for an hour and a half I try to just zone out. I try to just clear my mind by thinking of nothing and just staying in one position. That usually works for me.

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    I usually just sleep in my diaper while sucking my paci

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    I religiously wear my footies to bed every night. I just can't sleep without them. Sometimes I'll wear a night shirt underneath if it's really cold in my bedroom.

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    Closest thing I've done is worn a onesie underneath my PJs. That, and one time I had to rush to take out the trash, so I threw pants and a shirt on over it to do that.

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    The only time I ever wear anything over my footies is if I need to run outside for something. Other than that no I do not. When I am having trouble sleeping I usualy try to do something like watch TV or reading or something like that. That usually puts me out in a matter of minutes.

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    Footies are enough for me, I get warm very easily and get very uncomfortable when I'm warm so I have to find the right balance and adding anything to the footies is sure to tip me over the edge and I would never get to sleep.

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    Once winter comes around I'm most likely gonna wear a light hoodie over my footed sleeper X3 Most of the time though, I'm happy with just my jammies and a diaper :P

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    I've always wanted to wear overalls on top of footies. Not sure why.

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    I usually have a hard time sleeping when too warm, although I love a cool room with a warm heavy blankie. Since my room is in a basement that is cool to freezing most of the year I do ok. Since I can really remember I have never liked sleeping in pajamas, especially heavy pajamas.

    Enter my footed pajamas, I don't know what it is but all I have to do is to put one one and I am nearly always happy and relaxed. Rarely do I have an issue falling asleep when I am wearing it. As for wearing anything else over the pajamas, probably not for me unless I decide to go out then I would wear some more substantial shoes and maybe a coat if it were really cold.

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