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    Default stress

    Having trouble with stress .....breathing dose not help along with praying

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    Maybe you could give us a bit more to go on with your problem? Do you think it's things that are legitimately rough that are weighing heavily on you or are you getting worked up over problems that really aren't all that bad? If it's bad for you, they're still bad but knowing more will make it easier for others to assist you. In the meantime and without knowing those things, try to find other things to occupy your time and attention. Get reasonable amounts of food, drink, sleep, and exercise, and come back and talk to us more about it.

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    It's just somethings realy get me mad its usually repetitive noises. Or people some times

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    You might have look into to hypersensitivity disorder, as far as the noise goes.

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    Repetitive noises could be a symptom of several disorders, but I'm not going to speculate because it would be spurious at best. However, if you are truly bothered by this, you should be seeing a therapist, assuming that they are causing significant distress. When I was a kid I used to hear noise/voices in the background. Fortunately the voices were short in duration, and when I became aware of them, they would go away. But if yours continues, you should seek help.

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    It is just idotic kids ok bus continually replaying same song..... Besides if it was that it would hurt to run my nail along the roof of bus

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    Quote Originally Posted by cronis View Post
    It is just idotic kids ok bus continually replaying same song.....
    So you're just annoyed by simple stuff? There is nothing that is seriously worrying you? Then the only thing you can do is learn to calm down and not let little things bother you so much. If you find that you are really getting frustrated other nothing then you go see a school counsellor or a therapist to discuss the idea of having anger issues because getting annoyed over minor issues to the point that deep breathing isn't helping really isn't normal.

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    If the stress isn't from a lack of time I always found strenuous exercise like Swimming/Running to be the best ways to relax and clear my mind.

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    I would could try that

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