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    so i have introduced this side of myself to my wife gradually over time and she has now come to accept it and admitted to me the other day that she is even starting to enjoy it. I have taken on more of the caregiver role now and have gotten away from the abdl side myself but anyway, my question is how can i make this more about her and help her to enjoy it. would really appreciate some advice from the ladies since men and women are wired completely differently.

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    Don't be afraid of snuggles, huggles and random bursts of emotion. LOL Also, girls can be sneaky, so keep an eye out. I personally have never been in a AB/caretaker role myself.

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    Yeah... Like Liesorcake says, now you've got a rascally little girl on your hands. Good luck! :-) Don't forget the hugs and snugs though.

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