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Thread: Plastic Pants Question

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    Default Plastic Pants Question

    Okay, I plan to buy some plastic pants in the futue, not sure when though. Anyway, what the loudest/crinkly plastic pants out there? Any advice would be appreciated

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    Fetware has a good supply of plastic pants. There a few others but I am not sure of the names. If you do a search on where to buy plastic pants on this forum I bet you get alot of good site listing.

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    Hi try Cloth Diapers, Adult Cloth Diapers, Baby Cloth Diapers
    this should have read babykins
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    I buy from Babykins/Kins out of Vancouver, BC. For noise I understand that thicker, clear plastic is noisier, but this is not something I know from experience. Kins does not sell that particular type of pant. I think sells something like that.

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    I should have specified. I've looked around at different products. I'm asking which product is the loudest, as they don't always specify if they are quiet or loud or how loud they are. Thanx

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    Baby pants makes an extremely loud pair that I would not wear out in public. They do run on the small side so order one size up if
    you wear cloth.

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    Do you by aby chance know which pair it is? Thanx man

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    You want the Gerber white PEVA plastic pants from Thin and soft but very noisy.

    Plastic Pants For Adults

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    When wearing the peva plastic pants you will not hide the crinkle noise at all.

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    Default is a really good site, plus they kind of tell you which ones have noise...but i agree with previous posts that the Peva ones ARE loud!!

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