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Thread: Hello, my introduction

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    Default Hello, my introduction

    Although i'm a menber quite a while, I never introduced myself. So here it goes..

    I'm 21 and from the Netherlands and currently attending university. I've had bedwetting issues since my 15th on and off, but since an bladder infection last year i have some incontinence issues. It took me while to accept it but now I just go on with my life.

    Although i don't like being incontinent, I do like my diapers. They give me a feeling of warmth and security....

    In the future I hope to participate more often, although my time is limited due to an very active life.

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    Hoi, medekaaskop (thoug I don't eat cheese but that doesn't matter)

    Good to see more Dutchies join, prepare for world domination (oh shoot, did I just say that out loud?)

    Make yourself at home and don't be too shy to post.

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    Welcome! =D
    I hope you like it here ^^

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    Don't worry if you can't get on here very often. I'm at uni too - amongst other things But whenever I get some alone time I will post here every now and again.

    Welcome anyways, hope you enjoy posting here.


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    Thanks for the warm welcome. I hope to post on a more regular base...

    (aan Martin; leuk nog een andere kaaskop hier te zien )

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    hi, and welcome to the forums

    *waves from the belgium/netherlands border*

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