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Thread: Howdy from SoCal!

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    Wink Howdy from SoCal!

    Hello everyone! It's wonderful to finally have the courage to join up with you folks. I've been aware of ADISC for probably over a decade now and I finally thought to sign up and say hello.

    So why did I come here? Mostly to make friends. Friendly friends. Without going on and being too maudlin I moved here to SoCal from Upstate New York a good five or six years ago and found I was having a rather tough time making friends since I was long out of school and not much of a bar attendee.

    I've been having a swell enough time out here with my partner and with my work but from time to time I miss having just a safe old place to pop my head into. So many interest groups both online and in person that I have met with over the years have just been so abrasive and judgmental. I deal with it as much as I can. I'm a bit of an amateur artist so I'm willing to be present for that sort of community in certain contexts, but more and more I've been desiring a safe place to meet friends.

    Long, long ago when I was first introduced to ABDLs and the like (fast forwarding past my initial confusion/revulsion) I remember having this wonderful sense of safety amongst my peers. It was so wonderful, even in a simple IRC chatroom, to have that feeling of welcome and comfort. I suppose my goal in being here is to regain that feeling I felt some 10+ years ago when I was an older teen exploring his younger side.

    My interests are pretty varied. As mentioned before I'm a bit of an amateur artist. I fancy drawing cartoon type stuff with a heavy emphasis on anthros and animals (I blame the 80s) while occasionally doing the more realistic or grittier stuff when the mood takes me. I rather got into doing babyfur art at one point and still kind of consider that my bread + butter and (usually) the most fun thing to draw. Much like many of my generation I like me some video games and I love fun toys and plush. I'm also pretty into movies and cartoons and such when I can make the time to see them.

    My personal involvement as far as ABDL is concerned has been complicated and all about over the years. Primarily I find myself to be a child inside, often needing time outside to play and enjoy what the world has to offer. I am often labeled into the babyfur group seeing as I tend to identify by my animal totem, draw a good deal of furry art, and have plenty of furry friends, but I've never been a giant fan of segregating people by labels and interests. I'm really just a guy who's also a bear (if you see on that wavelength) who has an inner child that needs fun and hugs as necessary.

    I, personally, am not all that into diapers. It has been a point of contention with many many ABs and babyfurs that I know but I just try to chuckle and be understanding and hope they will too. I just don't have a personal desire to wear them for fun and I don't really need to wear them as a utility (although I may need some sort of sleep time solution soon... but that's another story) so I just don't. So hopefully y'all will be cool having a babyfur around who doesn't like to wear the crinklies. I don't have anything really against them, they're just not my bag.

    Uuuhhh.. I think this intro has rambled on enough. I hope it's suitable to let you get to know me. If you have any questions or if you just want to chat with me a bit, please feel free to reply! As indicated above I am certainly interested in meeting fun and chatty friends!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bearhardt View Post
    Hello everyone! It's wonderful to finally have the courage to join up with you folks. I've been aware of ADISC for probably over a decade now and I finally thought to sign up and say hello.
    Excellent introduction! I just wanted to welcome you to the community. Its not often we see such well-rounded first posts. I'm sure you'll stick around for a while, so I should mention that we have an IRC chat and a special forum for Established Contributors. You gain access to them if you keep posting - both are worth the effort.

    Hope to see you around

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    Thank you so much! I'm a bit afraid I will run out of things to say very quickly but I would love very much to help contribute to the community. I cherish a friendly forum like solid gold. It would be so wonderful to help maintain it as such.

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