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    Hi there I figured it is about time made a post on this forum and stop hiding around the bushes. I go by the name Alexcheetah, I'm 22 and from the greater Toronto area. I have had and an interest in this for several years now and as you may have guessed I am a fur as well. Although I have had an interest in this for a while, I've never tried it out my self since I am in college and I live with my parents so it's hard to keep my life private. it's also one of the reasons I've been so hesitant to post on this sight.
    As far as other interests go, I am a furry as mentioned earier. My interests with ABDL and furry have a relation to eachother since I found the fandom through it.
    Other then that I also have a passion for all things automotive, I've had it since I was 5. For me cars pretty much my life.
    For school and work, right now I am attending college and I am searching for another part-time job.

    If their is anything else you want know about then shoot. I always like getting to know people.

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    Hey. Thanks for making an intro. Like you, I'm into everything remotely automotive and have been forever. Much like my DL side. :P So, welcome to the site! Hope you enjoy it here. I particularly like SUbarus and Japanese cars, although German/American classics are pretty cool too. I'm not such a big fan of modern cars, although the Impreza that I drive is pretty good.

    Job-hunting is hard; know how you feel there.


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    Hi alexcheetah, Welcome to ADISC!

    I like cars too! although unlike Kiwidl, I do like modern ones too, my fav's are the Modern Hi Tech Sports Sedans like the AMG and M Sedans.

    Besides cars I also like computers, and Music a lot.

    It's nice to meet you.

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    Sorry for the late reply but I was busy with school.
    Kiwidl: thanks a lot! Theres's no real preference for me when it comes to cars, I like everything, old and new domestic, European or Japanese, i simply have an interest for anything interesting or or unique with a motor.
    ilikecars:Thanks! I've already stated cars above, but as you said you also like computers, I'm somewhat into computers myself. I built a pretty bad ass computer for gaming.

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    Wow this is a thread back from the dead! :P All good. I'm busy too. Exams etc. Do you drive? If so, what?

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    Good it's okay I won't bite I'm a Good Leopard Cub!. And yeah I'm like you. I found my feline side through this site in fact.

    Ah yeah Cars have always been my favorite subject. Unlike kiwidl or ilikecars I'm not like certain brands and I love Classic cars. Although I like modern too but my heart always go to Classics. So can you give us your dream cars?

    And I hope you can enjoy ADISC. And it's my pleasure to talk to another furry!

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