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Thread: Stupid Lawsuits

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    Sorry if this is in the wrong place I just figured since this is quasi-political or law related.

    So I heard this on the local news this afternoon.
    Monster energy drink is being sued, because a girl died after drinking two of their drinks in 24 hours. However, she had a preexisting heart condition that was known by her parents. Yet the mother is suing Monster because they are "responsible" for the death of her daughter.

    I already know how it will end, Monster is gonna lose unless someone becomes intelligent. However, I want more opinion, is Monster really to blame for her death?

    I feel like this is a repeat of people suing McDonalds for "making" them obese.

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    I wouldn't think so. If you have a heart condition, it'd be common knowledge not to drink an energy drink. I think her parent's just sad they lost their child, or ignorant. Possibly both. But hey, the media always has a good guy and a bad guy, shame Monster will probably be the bad guys.

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    People that are hurt are so eager to find someone to blame and then to try to exact punishment. Rule number one of life is that it is temporary and people will die. It is tragic but it happens. We have grown to believe that personal responsibility and that acts of God or nature don't count for anything.

    You are probably right that Monster will loose. It is just too bad.

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    It's always sad when someone dies.

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    Werent there like 5 others in the suit as well?

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    Although I do feel for the parents, their lawsuit cannot bring back their child. We live in a blameless society, where everything is always someone elses fault. Any bets that the Lawyers are the sort that "won't collect until you do"? To many Lawyers, not enough Doctors.

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    I assume they put out enough liability protection and legal roadblocks that this doesn't greatly affect them.

    It's mildly troubling that so many products can be sold that put people in these conditions at risk. If you need to put a warning on that says limit 3 cans per day and not recommended for minors then there is probably an issue with the safety of the product.

    However it's more troubling that people don't look at what they are using/consuming.

    Edit: I think this is what you're talking about

    Mislabeling seems like a more reasonable basis for a lawsuit. Just because something like this can't bring their girl back to life doesn't mean it can't reduce the chance of this happening in the future.

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    This is why I don't drink things like monster drink, though I think the suit is spurious.

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    It would not surprise me if there was more to this than meets the eye; such has been the case with several of the famous high-profile "frivolous" lawsuits, where once you know more of the details, the lawsuit makes a whole lot more sense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fruitkitty View Post
    It would not surprise me if there was more to this than meets the eye; such has been the case with several of the famous high-profile "frivolous" lawsuits, where once you know more of the details, the lawsuit makes a whole lot more sense.
    Having seen some of the discovery that has to happen for lawsuits against a major corporation, I wholeheartedly disagree with this. The overwhelming portion of the lawsuits filed against large corporations are not because of any defect in their product or any failure to disclose risks. They are filed because the corporation has deep pockets, and the likelihood that some random document has gone missing over the years is high enough that a company will be cornered into settling. Even bigger than the documentation issue, however, is the PR issue. In many cases, even if a company is in the right, it's ultimately cheaper to throw money at a litigant until they go the @#% away.

    A case that happened long before I was participating in the corporate universe that I think is still instructive involved General Motors and a woman who was killed when her truck slipped from Park to Reverse while she was loading stuff into the bed. The courts ultimately nailed GM to the wall on the matter, despite the fact that she was driving an old truck, the literature clearly stated that when leaving the vehicle it should be put into Park, Parking Brake set, and engine turned off. GM has deep pockets, and it's 99.999 percent likely that some engineering document went missing between the mid-'80s when her truck was made and the late '90s when the lawsuit was filed. Besides, product liability cases are sometimes jury cases, and we all know that people can be stupid and most everyone has a bias against corporations.

    If you and I were hanging out over a couple of drinks, I could tell you a few stories of some of the stupid crap I had to produce so the company could answer what were malicious discovery orders (the kind of order that says the company must produce all documents and materials relating to the entire product over 20 years, as opposed to documents relevant to the specific component or system alleged to be defective in the model cycle involved, and those must all be produced within 48 hours or summary judgement will be entered against the defendant). I will say, though, that some of my colleagues and I worked literally around the clock on a few instances for days on end trying not to locate materials, but just to make the copies so we could furnish them to the court.

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