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    Hey all,

    I just saw this for the first time... absolutely beautiful. If you havent seen it, please watch it and comment on it...why do you think the main character goes back through the door at the end?

    Young Again starring Jackson Rathbone (Full Movie) - YouTube

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    Wow, that was a beautiful short.

    Childhood carries different meanings to each and every one of us. I loved being a child and for me this age was great. A the same time childhood is often filled with pain, struggle and some things that are unbearable. I have asked the question before, if you could go back to about 10 or so would you. Sometimes I get a yes, sometimes it is no and there are some absolutely no. I was an abused child but I also existed outside of myself a lot of the time. I longed for the sweet childhood that I imagined and not the pain and humiliation I often endured.

    For some childhood is a time of great simplicity, happiness and great nurture. For others life is different.

    I suspect Ethan had some of that emotional baggage or that for some reason maybe there was a relationship or some other factor drawing him back into adulthood. Some people just want to be grown up and have an immense drive that takes them to maturity.

    I found myself drawn into the the movie wishing I could have his chance. I am so drawn to my childhood, to the perfect ideal of a time that should be precious indeed. With tears streaming down my cheeks I so long for childhood.

    Thanks so much for sharing this precious movie.

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    My childhood wasn't an easy one. To take your question, Garzilla, it'd be a mix of yes and no. My childhood was filled with really good points but a huge overshadowing of bad points. Needless to say, the world he lived in was nicer than the one I grew up in. But if i could go back again, with the mind I have now, I would have changed things. I would have stood up for myself more, and actually did more in school. I developed a form of PTSD by the time I graduated high school. When I think of that time, I think of summer mostly. Playing in the dirt, wearing baggy clothes, making up stories to play with myself.

    I noticed all his 90's toys, so he's definitely a 90's kid. I wonder what the percentage of 90's kids think their life was awesome back then and would love to go back?

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    Yea, he was definitely a 90's kid and those toys were great.

    I have been giving this a lot more thought. First there are some questions the film brings up. I was originally thinking he is 10 now and strangely ends up in school again. You see mono parents but did his parents also go back, was it a parallel universe just a earlier time, or was he alone? He obviously remembered his adult life.

    I originally found myself saying yes I would do this but I've changed my mind a little. Like you liesorcake, I had a really tough childhood with a lot of abuse and bullying. We also moved a lot which was good and bad.

    My biggest concern is that I have two sweet children that I adore more than life itself, however I have not seen them for about 6 years (very long story). If I were to go back to my childhood now I have to wonder if I would ever seem them again or if they would eventually become my children. I have hope that I will be able to see then sme day soon before they are too big.

    If I were to redo my childhood I would say yes given a set of ground rules. They are:

    1. I can go back to any age from 5 to 10, and I would want to basically fully start over from there and proceed until the end of my life.
    2. Different parents please, I want a mommy and a daddy that are not too over driven, too strict, too relaxed, etc. they need to be pretty nurturing and very kind to me.
    3. I need to be a child and not forced to grow up early or too fast.
    4. No more than 2 siblings and I would rather be a middle child.
    5. I would want the time t be some time in the past 12 years or so, not when I was actually that age.
    6. I want to be in a single smaller town, maybe in Oregon or Washington, possibly California. Never move from there, grow up in the same place.
    7. I would not mind the second time having no bed wetting and maybe even no interest in diapers. I know this is odd but I don't mind too much either way as long as my parents were sweet to me no matter what.
    8. I would prefer to remember what I know now but I would be ok with truly just starting over. The idea is that I would want to be guided by the things I already know, although good parental guidance would be wonderful.
    9. I would not want to go back until after I had some time to spend with my kids. I miss and love them so much that it would be tragic to not have a good 10 years with them.
    10. I would want to reenter the lives of my children, as a friend or relative and as a kid myself at the point I went back or slightly afterwards.

    I know a lot of exceptions. The reality is that if I knew I would never see my kids again in this life I might as well go back now, even if my wish list could not be fulfilled. However, given the fact that there is even a very small chance of even seeing my kids for a few seconds, I would pass up the chance to go back to my childhood even for a few short seconds.

    This has really opened up two of the most painful parts of my life. My extremely difficult childhood and the loss of my children. I just want to hold my babies and let them know that I love them so much.

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    Ok, I gotta just give you a hug... You sound like you need one (Even if you don't, hugs are awesome!)

    As far as the movie, yeah it's ambiguous as to weither he's in his own home or not, but at least it's interesting. Kind of like that movie Big, only in reverse.

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    I wish that video have CC or subtitles... =(

    Edit: Just realized this is my 700th post. ^_^

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    if i were to go back into childhood, I would want to be around 3-5 so that i could do the thing that I most regret not being able to do. I wish i had parents that would have pushed me, so that I may have learned ambition. I wish that I would keep all academic knowledge that I had accrued over my life, but that I would loose all of my life experience and start life anew as an innocent child. Why, because i want to be able to train myself as the violinist that I could have been if I didn't start at 17, and because as a child I didn't learn the right habits that are key to success in this life. It wouldn't matter who I left behind, because I would never know them and thus could not miss them.

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    reason he went back through the door was because he was on break Or he didn't want to grow up again. I don't know it up to the viewer to decide why.

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    Quote Originally Posted by liesorcake View Post
    Ok, I gotta just give you a hug... You sound like you need one (Even if you don't, hugs are awesome!)

    As far as the movie, yeah it's ambiguous as to weither he's in his own home or not, but at least it's interesting. Kind of like that movie Big, only in reverse.
    Thanks for the hug, I really did need that.

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