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Thread: diapers are too big

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    Default diapers are too big

    so i had just got diapers and relize they are to big how can i make them smaller please help

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    What diapers are they, and by how much are they too big?

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    i had gotten the sample pack from abuniverse and i didnt think large was big when it came to diapers so i bought the the large sampler pack if that helps

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    The diapers have tapes that can be fastened anywhere for a reason.

    Just center yourself on the diaper the best you can, then fasten one side at a time. You might be taping well into the center of the diaper of beyond but there is not a lot yiu can do otherwise.

    A second option would be to give them to anothe AB/DL who would use the larger size. I have done thins before where I sometimes wear medium but usually large. There are times where I will get a couple of bags or a case of medium, I use a lot of them but they are not really comfortable or just barely can't tape, so I end up giving the rest to a baby friend who definitely wears mediums.

    Anyway, this is why there are measurements and sample packs. The best advice I can give is to never trust the barrier sizes, so if a diaper fits 30" to 45" I know that if I am on the low end I will be swing mind in this diaper and if I am at the high end there is a good chance it will be too tight. Read the sizing guides to find out if the fit is on the larger or smaller side. Then check out reviews, as many as possible. In the reviews watch for clues about fit and sizing. Then if you are still not sure get the sample pack or the smallest quantity possible.

    Diaper fit is a subjective thing so it will sometimes take some trial and error to get it completely right. For me it has become an art and I can pretty much tell from the size and reviews, although I have been surprised a few times and mediums end up being the better size for me.

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    thank you for the help im obviously new to this so thank you vary much

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    You are very welcome. There is definitely a first time for everything and this is one of those areas where it helps to get advice.

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