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Thread: What Diaper is good for a Small (25 inch waist)?

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    Default What Diaper is good for a Small (25 inch waist)?

    I'm have a 25 inch waist and my favorite diaper brand, Abena, no longer makes any size smalls. Well they do, but only with the cloth exterior. I prefer the plastic crinkles to the less then adequate cloth like (premium), so is there another diaper brand you guys recommend? I need a size small, medium i can tell won't fit me as even small diapers fit me big. Again, any help would be grateful. Thank you.

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    You are lucky that the small diapers fit because there are good options. I would try AB Universe they have both the Super Dry Kids and Cushies, both with plastic outer shell and they have the benefit of looking and feeling very babyish. There are a two tape diaper so this also adds to the babyish feeling.

    Another option would be o find a different supplier of your favorite diaper in our size and buy all that you can, as they are likely to go away. I did a quick check and it looks like Northshore might be a good option. They also have other diapers I your size:

    Youth Fitted Briefs

    One other thought would be the Molicare Super Plus. They are pretty good, pretty thick and plastic outer shell. Definitely still in the class of premium diaper.

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    I'll try super kids dry. Cushies are medium so they won't me. And ill give the molicare one too. Just wish abena or bambinos would make small again.

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    Abena does make small sizes, although they are no longer carrying the plastic-backed Abena S4. The small size was the first to go, possibly due to the larger market in Medium/Large sizes. The S4 is now included as part of the "comfort line" and will probably not be featured with a plastic backing again.

    If you are looking for a decent small-sized diaper with a plastic backing, I would go with the Molicare Super Plus.
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    Default Re: What Diaper is good for a Small (25 inch waist)?

    Quote Originally Posted by bobbravo2 View Post
    I'd try pampers cruisers size 7!
    I researched the size 7's recently. They're almost impossible to find. But I did see people say that size 6 has the same dimensions or very close to it.

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    Molicare sells size small in the thick purple variety. You might try a sample of those from xpmedical.

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    I can get a size six pampers around my butt, and I have a 27 inch waist. Try those.

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    Tena slip do a very small size I believe, and there pretty good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AuraBlaze View Post
    I can get a size six pampers around my butt, and I have a 27 inch waist. Try those.
    Wow, I remember being that size and no good baby diapers that were that big.

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