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Thread: Best buy i've ever had :DDD

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    Default Best buy i've ever had :DDD

    I just went to the smaller drug store by my house, brought a pack of 18 goodnites up to the counter which were priced at 20$. The lady (who'se sold me diapers before, I couldn't tell if she remembers me) said there might be another pack she can sell for cheaper. Well there were two packs over on the side that just had the bag a little bit ripped open, obviously has not been tampered with, just looks like the outside bag's been torn a tiny bit in shipping or something. When I asked how much she hummed and said 5$, so I obviously said i'd take them both. Now I was ready to burn some money so I said i'd still take the undamaged one. Kind of surprised she was, but then also gave me 50% off that pack too!

    So I got 54 goodnites for 20$!!! In a retail store!!!

    Just thought i'd share, i've never had a deal that good.

    (where am I going to put all these goodnites?!?!?)

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    That's not bad, I always wondered what they did with the torn packages. But for a store find that's pretty awesome. Unfortunately I have way too many diapers right now. If not I would go to every store around here and ask if they have any torn packages.

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    So jealous right now. I was just thinking about how expensive goodnites are and how if they were cheaper then I would be buying more of them rather than adult briefs online. I have found good deals at retail stores before, but never that good. Once I found a pack of sleepovers (kmart brand goodnites) for $2.50 because it had been opened and one taken out, and I got a mega back of pull ups that same day on clearance for $5. I have never seen boys L/XL goodnites on clearance before which if frustrating.

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    Its amazing how prices fluctuate throughout the countries and stores. In the UK, Iv seen them priced at 6 for a pack of 9.00 which is like $15.00 while other stores such as Tesco sell for around the same you have paid.

    Congratulation on your find.

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    Yep, I find really good deals every once in a while. There are people out there, and it sounds like the clerk was one of them, that will go out of there way to help someone if they know that they are buying a lot of diapers (or anything else for that matter).

    Anyway, very cool that you got such a great deal.

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    I did that on ebay i got 6 packs of 28 attends active slips for 50inc postage off ebay not a bad buy i think

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