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Thread: Worst day of work ever

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    So it all started as a normal day then at about 9:30 AM bossman told me to got get one of the semis to do a brake job. went and got semi was bringing it around the corner when all of a sudden the fucking parts runner (which is Bossman's little brother) backs the company pick up out and i take the bed off with the tanker trailer. all down hill from there.

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    Sounds like it was his fault for not looking around his surroundings, while he backed up. What was the end result of what happened ?

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    Sorry to hear it. Hope it turns out OK. Some days......just Hoover.

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    it was all on camera so i didnt loose my job or get wrote up. as far as disiplinary actions go i got nothing but it was more and emotional wreck of a day, bossmans lil bro got drug tested and suspended so boss aint to happy and was pissed all day. and the pick up got scraped, all that happened to the tanker was the fender got mangled and a tire got ripped. id show pics but phones arnt allowed on premisis for reasons similar to this

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    all & all i guess it could have been alot worse outcome so i should be gratefull no one got hurt. but still how do you not see a damn semi wen backing up.

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    If he got drug tested and then laid off, I think you answered that question!

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    Well i understand were you're at but some times it happens I drove 24 years so just be careful .
    And be the safest you can be. It will be ok.

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    @Dogboy, dont know if your familiar with the rules involving accidents such as this, but when you go for a drug test, its common place to be suspended pending the results from the lab. I had an accident at work, and although I knew I was clean, and I had no alcohol on my breath, I sent home for three days. Pretty routine

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    Oh, and Wolfpack, this most certainly was not the worst day at work....when you get let go that becomes the worst day at work.

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