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    Default bikini and diaper

    i have a quick question for any girls here!

    anyone know of a bikini bottom for incontinence? as next summer i want to sunbathe but without getting a wet spot!

    i intend to wear alot so will become second nature just to wet and dont want an embarrising situation

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    Hmm, yah about that..

    No there isn't going to be anything that resembles a string bikini bottom for incontinence. So guess your going to have to give it a break while your sunbathing.

    And no even if you wear alot you can still hold it when you have to.

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    The only thing I can think of is contour shaped cloth diapers, but I can't see that working for what you want.

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    Find a nude beach and you wont have to worry about it lol. Thats how i like my women, wearing nothing but diapers and a smile.

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    You could always skip the diaper altogether, wear a thong-type bikini bottom and lie on a washable absorbent bed pad instead of a towel. Or keep taking a dip in the pool or the sea to keep your bikini wet, then if you leak no-one will know.

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