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Thread: Wreck it Ralph November 2nd!!!!

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    Default Wreck it Ralph November 2nd!!!!

    Hey guys.... Wreck it Ralph is coming Friday, November 2nd. I want ALL interested parties to GO see this movie.... PADDED.

    I plan on going with a HUGE group of friends to the new carmike theatre in my area... padded.

    My wife is in for a shock!

    I am gonna take pictures too... YES... I am THAT excited about this movie.

    I wanna get some pledges to do the following:

    #1. I will go see Wreck it Ralph!

    #2. I will see it "padded" - Hey... why take the risk of missing parts of the movie to go potty? OK, if you can't I understand... but it's more fun to wear. ;-)

    #3. I will take some pix with my friends! ( If you can. )

    The trailer:

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    Default Wreck it Ralph November 2nd!!!!

    The movie looks cool. I wish I could pledge to you at this point that I can go and go padded, but gotta check my plans with someone. I will come back to pledge if I can

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    It's on my radar. I hope it's good. If it was made by Pixar, I would be more interested. I'm excited about The Man With The Iron Fist, and of course THE HOBBIT.

    I always goto the movies diapered. I hate getting up in the middle of a movie.

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    Will be seeing it, will not be seeing it padded. Sorry, but I work at the theater and if it got out I wore, I would never live it down. Not worth the risk.

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    I look forward to seeing it, and I hope it's awesome. I love the idea of the movie.

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    Don't go expecting to see a ton of games. The story is a really good one.... I went expecting to see him "game jump" into tons of games so I went with the wrong expectations which puts one in a weird mood. Just go expecting a great story and about 3 game worlds really and you won't be disappointed!!!

    Vanellope von Schweetz is SOO CUTE!!!!

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    Great movie and lots of great video game references that adults will understand.

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    I didn't see it padded, but it was a fantastic movie. My particular theater was laughing practically the whole time. It was a nice thing to see after a night that was very stressful.

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