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Thread: I hate small cities/towns now...

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    Default I hate small cities/towns now...

    Okay... that's not absolute true but it feels this way when I go out to buy diapers.

    Tonight, I went out to Walmart to grab couple packs of Depends to restock my stash at around 9:00 pm (1 hour before the store closes) and it's rainy and cold outside. So I figured it'll be quiet and shouldn't bump into anyone I know there... boy, I am very wrong about that.

    When I am waiting at the express line (that leads to 6 express tills) for my turn, then I saw my co worker came by and she was about few customers behind me. I feel like an embarrassed teen buying diapers for first time once again! Good grief, I am 29 and I have years of experience buying diapers!... ugh. lol. I almost decided to ditch the cart and run but ... nah. I just be brave and go on and made my purchase. I just reminded myself that I am not in high school and who cares what others thinks... that's her problem if she thinks I am some weirdo... we aren't close as co workers anyway. I do worry that she might tell others at work.... I hope not. But if she asks.... I will just say "none of your business... it's personal."... then move on.

    Being dissecret (spelling?) in this town doesn't really work when you go out to buy diapers was proven, not once... now it's twice! Once was just few weeks ago (my sister's in law's friend saw me...). =P

    Just thought to share this story... I feel so shy at the moment.

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    I can see your concern. If this coworker of yours is a decent person she will not bring it up or tell anyone about it. If it was me I'd go ask her, 'hey did I see you at the store the other day?'

    I used to be very worried every time I made a store purchase, but I've never ran into anyone I've known while buying. Now I'm a lot more open about who I am. If I ever ran into anyone I would be like hey what's up. I'm sure I'd be nervous but I'd just keep talking. What's the worst that could happen anyway?

    'Are those diapers?'
    'Oh, yeah, I guess they are lol.'
    'Why are you buying those?' (very unlikely anyone would ask)
    'Oh you know, I guess I like 'em.'

    I guess I've learned to relax. Most of my friends already know anyways, because it comes up in some form or another eventually. One time my friend was like yeah I'm kind of kinky. I'm like yeah me too. Then we started discussing. I've told so many friends in my life and it gets more natural the more I do it.

    I do understand where you're coming from though, I lived in a small town b4. It can be a struggle.

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    Hi Lily - I hear you. I had many similar experiences growing up in a small town. Eventually I just got over it, realizing that if I freaked out, it would just make more of a scene. Grudgingly I always went ahead with it, even if I saw someone I knew, and word never seemed to get back around. I feel your fear, but you likely have nothing to worry about. May you have a good and calm night. Breathe in through your nose, and out through your mouth Peace.

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    This is probably the only thing I can see being mildly annoyed by when living in a small town. Otherwise, I'll take small-town life over medium- and big-town life any day.

    Now if only I could convince my employer to let me telecommute. D'oh!

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    I grew up in a farm town of 3,200 people. I got away from that place as soon as I could manage, and aside from going to visit family, I have no intention of going back. I know some like the slower pace and the quiet and knowing everyone, but I couldn't stand it. Going to buy diapers when I was still in high school was always a terrifying experience because in that small of a town, the chances of seeing someone you know are quite high. Surprisingly, I never did bump into anyone, but I also would go at really odd hours and I only did it a handful of times.

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    I grew up living in small towns and I live in one now and I totally get it.

    When I was about 18 I moved to a much bigger place and basically lived there for several years until about 7 years ago. It was very good because I could just drive across town to a place where I was unlikely to bump into anyone. This worked very well.

    Now, living in a small town and being fairly well known I might not recognize anyone, although I usually do, but someone else will probably recognize me. To but diapers in person I have had to travel some distance. This still works well but it is costly and takes a lot of time.

    I totally understand that shy feeling, I am extremely shy about my diapers and I have so much fear over being discovered by someone I know. So I nearly always purchase online, besides I prefer the more premium and even the really cute AB diapers.

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    I live in small city, with a defined university and associated culture. If you're academic, you know anyone who's anyone... I drive a half hour away to buy for this reason. My parents know soooo many people here it's ridiculous. I can't go anywhere without bumping into someone I know!

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    Thanks for the support... I appreciate it. =) I do enjoy live in small sized city (less traffic, get known people more etc... but yes it`s totally sucks when you buy diapers out there. So far, my co worker haven`t contacted me or questioning me.... I think she doesn`t really care and shrug it off.... (hopefully!).

    My city have population of around 32,000... I still easily run into people I know. Also I am a cashier at a popular grocery store (for a year so far) in this town so I am bound to know a lot more people this way too. Yep, that does give me reason to order diapers online.... I think I will do that today. I am out of Bambinos (Classico) anyway... =( so I think I will get some of those and plus order Bellissimo for first time... I heard nothing but great things about that one.... =)

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    Aw, that's ok! Most people don't really mind. But oh, goodness. I've grown up in high population areas. City I'm at is over 1 million. I can't stand living in small towns. I don't know why - People are nice, towns are nice, but I can't quite adapt to that lifestyle. I love just being a face in the crowd at most times. Maybe I'm just weird. :P How do ya manage that? Wouldn't you feel nervous all the time? Or crowded?

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    To be honest, I am big city girl... and I grew up in Calgary (city of bit over 1 million as well) for most of my life. I moved to this small city in BC only because so I can be with my wife. I am not crazy about small cities but... it's quite nice sometimes though. I do miss big cities... hope one day I can move back to a big city again. Nah you are not weird, Tali. lol. It was hard at first but I manage ok over the time and I have a job that keeps me busy.

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