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    I am an older woman, 60YRs living in Maine. I have been abdl most of my life and would also call myself a "wettie" girl. I love having accidents. If you would ask my preference it would be to hold till I lose control and wet myself.
    I also enjoy being a mommy/ babysitter for women who wish to be either babies or wettie girls too.
    I find myself very capable of relaxing other inhibitions and fears of letting themselves go. Perhaps I am too much of a witch. Ahh but that is another story.
    Blessed Be

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    Well, welcome to ADISC precious. Let me be the first to formally welcome you here, the ADISC community is great, supportive, nice and helpful too. If you ever have any problems just ask one of the senor members and they'll help however they can.

    Formalities aside, how did you find ADISC? I don't want to come off as nosy but usually for an introductory thread, we (as in members here) encourage the OP to talk a little bit outside this fetish as well. It just gives us a better understanding of you as an individual.

    So hopefully without sounding too creepy, I'll start the ball rolling; do you have any interests or hobbies? Favorite movies or T.V. shows? It can be anything really.

    For example, I myself like hiking, kayaking and other outdoorsy things and my favorite movie is The Lion King.

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    I'll say welcome too. You sound like an interesting person, and a little different from the majority, witchcraft being on the top of anyone's curiosity list. We do have a number of members who are into Wicca, however. I'm a reader and a writer, and have a few stories on this site. Do you do any writing?

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