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    Default Hi everyone!

    Hi everyone, I'm a 21 year old college student. I've had an ADISC account for quite a while, but never posted. I have worn diapers off and on for bedwetting since I was 16, and have always been a DL as well. I love working on cars, boating, and hanging out with friends.

    I just told my girlfriend of 3 years that I wear diapers for bedwetting, but haven't told her about the DL part . Still working on that.

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    Hi Tb3191! Welcome to ADISC!

    What kinds of cars do you like to work on? I used to work on them a bit but now I prefer to just drive them.

    Also, I don't mind boating if I'm the one driving, otherwise it's too scary

    It's nice to meet you!

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    I'm really into imports/German cars. I know what you mean about working on them, I used to do it a lot more but just don't have the time anymore. And yes it can be scary to be in a boat with someone else driving

    Good to meet you too!

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