OK I have watched a lot of stupid stuff in my life and liked it. Prime examples ren and stimpy beavis and butt head ed edd and eddy and south park. So believe me win I say a show is stupid it is stupid and that show is Annoying Orange on cartoon network. If you like Annoying Orange that's OK this is myopian and it's nothing agints you But I can't watch this show from beginning to end. Some things should just stay on the internet ant that write fred. I fill like this show is just a insult to child comedy. If you won't comedy watch looney toons I like the old and the new or tom and jerry I think the old one is the best Hall adventure time is prity good. A gin this is myopia there is nothing against you if you like the show well good for you but something needed to be said. I'm shor Im not the only one who thinks this way about this show