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Thread: The time befor the web

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    Default The time befor the web

    I think I was like 6 or 7 win the internet first started. It's thanks to internet I know I'm not the only one like wearing diapers and be a big baby but before that it was so lonely. This is for those who grow up without the help of the internet. What whas it like for you Being a TB AB DL BF DF gay or evan a Sissy with out the help of the internet? What whas life for you befor the internet?

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    Obviously there were no labels like TB/AB/DL. I just thought I had this odd habit/fetish/attraction. Don't recall giving it any kind of label in my head. I suppose I knew intellectually that in a world with X billion people there were almost certainly a few with the same kink, although I never thought about it much. There were probably examples of "it" in adult bookstores, had it ever occured to me to go looking.

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    while I am young, I didn't have free access to internet until about half way through high school. This is because my parents were over protective and because I live in a rural area.

    I thought I was alone, a freak of nature, and that I would be damned to a life of utter isolation. I hated myself and my life. In fact the internet probably saved my life and gave me hope. I accepted who I was long before I accepted my situation. I didn't mind me, but I was always lonely. That soul crushing loneliness is what was most destructive, and all that was needed to cure it was the knowledge that there were others like myself.

    Thank god for internet.

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    the internet showed me that there were a large number of people with the same ab/dl. before that i felt very alone.

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    I have read stories on boards of people that found out they were not alone from reading letters and clasified ads in various porno magazines. I know Wet Set has been around for a while and there were probably other specialty books and magazines out there.

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    I had AB tendencies while I had internet access and never thought much of it so felt no need to look into it and while I knew I was different from most kids my age I never let it bother me and it wasn't until the internet that I added diapers or even baby paraphernalia to it so the internet only made it "worse" so to speak. Had I not looked anything up I would have probably remained oblivious for a lot longer than I did.

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    Yeah I couldn't imagine how I would cope without internet support groups like this... lol. I read somewhere that DPF was once a newsletter that you can subscribe to keep you updated with news and meetings that you can go (at the time, always found in big cities). Their adverts could be found in the adult magazines like MasterPython said. Of course when internet came around, DPF was one of first DL websites appeared. I think pre-internet DPF was established in 1980... maybe earlier? Ah, that's all I know. Maybe this is bit off... but it had been a long while since I last read that story on DPF website from years ago.

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    I didn't encounter evidence of "others" until I was 18. Until then, I did feel quite alone in this particular "hobby." But I got used to it. I certainly never imagined that I'd ever be discussing it openly with anybody!

    My first encounter with the AB/DL community didn't actually do much for my self-esteem. This was the fetish.diapers newsgroup on usenet, and it was constantly deluged with explicit spam and other unsavory stuff. It taught me that I wasn't alone, but that was all it was good for! In fact, in some respects, I would say that finding the fetish.diapers group made me feel even more alone, because, while I shared an interest in diapers with those people, I could never imagine myself writing the sorts of things they were writing. It was all totally off-putting.

    ADISC definitely changed my perception of the community. Radically.

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    I was wearing diapers growing up in the 70's and 80's and I only knew one other kid who wore diapers. For the most part, I was pretty much alone. I definitely felt different. I did some research on it in college and it wasn't until the early 90's when I found out there were a few groups out there catering to infantilists. The first group I saw was listed in a porn story book I saw in a drug store, of all places. That was a shocker. I joined DPF shortly thereafter. They had a monthly newsletter and while I cringed at some of what I read in it and the prices they had for diapers, it helped me accept who I was. DPF went downhill fast when the internet became common sometime in the late 90's.

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    I thought I was insane. To fortify that thought, when my mom discovered my stash, she made me see a psychiatrist at a residential mental facility. Like others, I felt alone, and when I'd give in, which was often, I'd hate myself after sexual release, which always followed wetting my pants or makeshifts. I didn't understand why I wanted to do this, and I knew I had to keep it a secret from everybody. To make matters worse, there was no one I could go to to talk about it.

    I knew there were others though, because I had a friend that told me he liked to wet his underwear a little bit when he went to pee. I had another high school friend who's mother was making him wash his underwear, and she was mad. It wasn't hard to put two and two together, but I still never asked him about it. I knew I wanted my secret to remain a secret, and I assumed he did too.

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