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    So as some of you may have noticed I haven't been around for a while. Sorry a bunch of real life stuff happened both good and bad. Among that real life stuff is the things I need help with/advice on.

    First things first. A couple of months ago I ended up "coming out" to my boyfriend as an AB. It actually went really well, he said he would always love me and totally accepts me and such. However when I was "coming out" I really emphasized the non-sexualness of it for me so as to not freak him out. And then everything was quiet for a while and then about a month ago I found out/ he told me that he's into abdl stuff as a sexual thing and we had both been avoiding it so as to not freak each other out. Now we are already a kinky couple (we have a very established D/s relationship) and so it seems kinda silly that we skirted around each other for like two months on the issue. Now since we talked about that he's formally become my daddy (eek! yay!) and for the past week we've really taken the first step into having a DD/lg relationship.

    Now here are where the questions come in. We're both new to this kind of thing and are kind of unsure about how to proceed. We've done some stuff and he bought me a couple of cute little toys and a pacifier and stuff and has started referring to himself as daddy and such. However diapers so far have not been brought into it, I haven't really worn around him and he doesn't know how he'd feel about them and it feels like this big cushy elephant in the room. I'm also new to thinking about having a sexual DD/lg relationship and neither of us really know how this fits in with our D/s relationship so does anybody have some resources on Daddy Doms and any advice for the whole diaper situation?

    Also on a more broad scale I have another question (sorry this one is gonna need quite a bit of back story too). About a month ago I accidentally came out to one of my friends as being a ab/bf. He was picking me up to carpool to Rainfurrest and he saw a diaper in the back of my car. He was totally cool about it (probably because he already had several babyfur friends) and at con I was pretty open about being a baby fur and everyone was totally cool with it even though idk if I'm comfortable about being really super open about it (like wearing in public/ wearing obviously not adult clothes) which leads into my question. I have a tumblr and I have a sub-blog under it that's all about being an AB. However since it's a sub-blog I'm super limited in how I can interact with people and it's really really starting to bug me. Which leads me to wanting to merge it with my main blog and just have one big happy blog (and maybe move all my social activism stuff from my main to a sub) BUT I have people from my real life that I follow and that follow me on my tumblr and I don't know if I feel comfortable outing myself to them (even if indirectly). So any advice on that?

    Sorry for wall 'o texting on you guys and I think I've gotten everything sufficiently ironed out in my life that I won't go all MIA again in the foreseeable future

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    Well for the first issue I would suggest not doing anything you both aren't comfortable with. I would suggest first introducing diapers into the DD/lg relationship non-sexually, maybe changing while playing the roles, and see how you both feel. Slowly move it more and more towards sexual until making that step seems like nothing, or if you find the edge of your comfort zone and don't want to cross, then talk to him, or have him talk to you, and respect each other's boundaries. Make sure to keep the communication lines open, and let him know that he should tell you what he's comfortable and not comfortable with, and you should do the same.

    As for the tumblr thing, I would go against it. Possible create another tumblr, despite it being a hassle, and leave a link to it on your current AB blog. If you're not comfortable with even indirectly letting people know, then you shouldn't put yourself in the place to possible do it. I don't know a lot about the mechanics of tumblr, despite me having a blog myself, but there might be another, simpler solution that I'm not aware of.

    I hope this helps, and I wish you the best of luck with your boyfriend and with your tumblr.

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