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    Ok guys I seem to have found myself in a bit of situation. I recently started talking to one of my exes again. We dated twice and she ended the relationship both times. Now that we're talking again She wants to try things a third time. Now i loved this girl dearly and it broke my heart when we broke up the second time. I am seriously considering going back to her and trying again. However, there's a little voice in the back of my head saying that I'm asking for trouble. She says she's not going to run this time and I want to believe her. I always enjoyed her company and cuddling/kissing and whatnot. So what do you guys think? Do I take her back or do I stay far away?

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    Objectively I would say, leave it alone. She's broken your heart twice, so what's to keep her from doing it again. But love is never logical. I can remember some of my past loves, and if given a second chance, I would have run head long back into the lion's den. Love has no boundary's, nothing rational, because it's all emotion. The romantic in me says try again. Your heart has been broken twice, so you know you can survive it a third time.

    I've often thought that the reason we are on planet earth is to know love. It's the most passionate thing we do, and it has the biggest drive. At least in the beginning, you'll be happy, and who knows, maybe this time it will take, and change your life.

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    I would be a bit gun shy with her. You may have difficulty being yourself or feeling relaxed around her for fear of another one of her exits. Sounds corny, but why don't you try to be friends instead of a couple for awhile this time. If she is the ONE, then everything will take care of itself. In the meantime, gently find out why she really left those two times. That will give you an idea if this will work out for you both. Good Luck!

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    This has already failed twice, what has indicated that it will work out the third time you try? Yes it could work out but you have both grown up a bit and changed whatever caused it to fail the the last two times it will only end in misery again. Sometimes the past should remain in the past.

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    I agree with ABgirl, find out why she really left those times before.

    If it is something about you that you can´t or won´t change, then leave it alone.
    You would just end up getting burned a third time.

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    Seems like Italian love - only extrems: or hate, or very romantic and hot. It changing in time from first extreme to second and back. Based in my personal experience, it's very harmless.

    You're who can select with continuing or not of this relation.

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    ok i know from experience that you SHOULD NOT DO IT i made the exact same mistake and got my heart broken more then 2 times heres my post about it and this is how i ended up all i can say is good luck and if you do go back to her i hope it goes good for you :/

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    With all of the bad experiences I have had I would say don't do it. There is that little feeling you have that is telling you not to, I is usually right.

    Everyone has there issues and baggage so it is important to pay attention to the warning signs. In general never tell yourself that it will never happen to you or that it will not happen again. She could easily have issues, maybe with commitment or contact, and it will be difficult to realize this until it is essentially too late.

    That said, she can change and maybe it is a maturational issue that she has now overcome. It might be something that scares her. So if you consider doing it I would have a heart to heart with her and make sure she puts it on the line for you.

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